London Collections: Men officially started today, bringing us the hottest of the hottest in menswear, from suave and clean cut looks to designs with attitude and street savvy wear, emerging designers and ones to watch,  London plays host to yet another epic fashion event!

lcm day one

Today saw a selection of catwalk shows from Lou Dalton, TOPMAN Design, Xander Zhou and many more plus multiple presentations including emerging and streetwear collections, ones to watch, Fashion East Menswear, Paul Costelloe and many more. Me and my fellow FAB blogger Maria checked out some of the presentations and were completely enamoured by the collections we saw – can we be men for one day please? Thank goodness for London’s fashion forwardness, street style and rocking menswear as ‘unisex’ clothing.


Blood Brother, a contemporary menswear brand was part of the ready-to-wear emerging and streetwear showroom at the Hospital Club today. Their collection exuded suave yet street savvy and unique, with a predominant monochromatic palette.  They had two gorgeous stand out pieces, a pony-hair jacket that yes even the ladies would die for and a beautiful blood red shirt that just screamed look at me I’ve got style!

blood brotherr

Next up on our rounds of fashion viewing was Vinti Andrews with a collection that had street style credibility written all over it, boasting splashes of colour, lots of black, textures, patterns and more textures. This line is absolutely for the contemporary fashion conscious individual who knows and is confident in their own style. With hints of 90’s trends in the collection you can get anything from a simple artsy top to a big OTT textured jacket to netting, oversized and lots of the ever fashionable black pieces!

2014-01-06 13.04.44

If you’re looking for something a bit more suave with cheeky hints of exotic colours then Laurence Airline is your go to collection. Also showcasing their latest ready-to-wear collection at LCM, Laurence Airline brought clean cut lines, gorgeous yellows, mustards and floral prints, complimenting the undeniably handsome block coloured pieces. They boasted a beautiful combination of Africa meets the western world with their usual flair and natural talent for making the designs look effortless.

2014-01-06 13.12.37

Gloverall on the other hand part of the ready-to-wear luxe basics brought to LCM their signature duffel coats, showcasing a typically British collection that also managed to capture an outdoors loving guy (picture a cabin somewhere in the middle of the woods, a happily snug guy in one of Gloverall’s pieces). The collection featured deep rich colours, navy blues, reds and tartan, as well as chunky knits to match.2014-01-06 13.36.28

There’s so much more we got to see and a few we missed, but keep up with us via FAB where we’ll share our Mens Fashion Week ventures with you.


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  1. Michelle Spice

    They boasted a beautiful combination of Africa meets the western world with their usual flair and natural talent for making the designs look effortless.

    So true! fabulous!!!!


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