London Collections men definitely has a different feel and environment to it than London Fashion week, though an equally great one, as me and our other FAB blogger Mpona discovered.

We first ventured into the emerging & streetwear designer showroom, and from the minute we stepped in our eyes were locked on the garments, which was especially aided by the all white room, that forces your eyes towards all the vibrant clothes.

Alex Mattsson

c458964476f711e38e680eefc58c9491_8 My favourite piece from the Alex Mattsson collection was the leather and pink jacket you can see above, it just automatically caught my eyes amongst everything else, possibly because I love leather and I love pink. Mpona however favoured the leather dungarees, which I also thought were amazing. Generally for an AW collection, it was very colourful and lively, almost saying its autumn/winter but it doesn’t have to be lifeless/colourless, or simple cottons, you can add a spin on it to make yourself stand out amongst the crowd. Alex Mattsson clearly creates signature pieces that if you saw someone wearing on the street you would automatically know it was him, and isn’t that what we want from a designer? For the clothes to speak for themselves, much like when you see a Balenciaga piece.

More about the collection:  Alex Mattsson’s AW14 “Glimpse The Eternal” collection continues the designer’s exploration of futurism and spirituality within his rooted passion for classic work wear and exquisite tailoring, this season with 80’s Hi-Tech undertones. His complex aesthetic blends creativity and convention within a psychedelic palette producing an unquestionably contemporary perspective on 21st Century-and-beyond menswear dressing. Graphic prints and high shine synthetic fabrics suggest a little piece of the baby pink sheep fleece trimmed future. Thick horizontal black slats across the collection’s prints stand between what is beyond and what the mind will allow us to see.

Itokawa Film PicMonkey Collage I naturally migrated over to Itokawa Film, being the accessories fiend that I am, but in my defense these sunglasses were like nothing I’ve ever seen before and rest assured I was right, they literally are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The designer James Ari King explained to us that each sunglasses is made out of old plastic from the 80’s, so it is unique, once the rare amount of plastic is used, it is gone forever; so there can never be a piece made like it again. I think this is a great selling point, we all love exclusivity no matter what it is, so why wouldn’t I want a pare of sunglasses that I might never see on anyone else .

More about the brand: Itokawa Film is an art, fashion and design collective, based in London and founded in 2012 by menswear designer Samuel Membery and visual artist James Ari King. The underlying energy of the brand relies on the sublime and the inexplicable. Inspired by apocalyptic and anarchic subject matters, combined with a mutated vision of subculture, fashion and art. Itokawa Film brings a futuristic perspective to design

Paul Costelloe


Next we ventured onto the upper floor to check out the showroom of designer Paul Costelloe. Paul Costelloe’s collection was fabulous, I literally fell in love with every piece, it was modern meets the classic man, filled with suits, trousers and waist coats, with tartan being a prominent trend in the collection. Even though it was for men, I would probably force Unisex, especially because of the tartan and pony hair coat we came across, that literally stopped me in my tracks. If you have ever seen a piece of clothing and literally fell in love at first sight then you would know I felt when I saw that coat, the must have alert in my head was going off at full blast.

What added wonderfully to the already amazing collection was the man himself Paul Costelloe whose been designing for 30 years and was incredibly friendly, enthusiastic, funny and welcoming; For me there is nothing better than great clothes then the designer having a great personality, customer service is key, and Paul Costelloe gets a ten out of ten from me.

It’s safe to say it was a successful and fashion filled day!

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