So today myself and fellow FAB blogger Maria check out day two of London Collections: Men, making it to Victoria House which has played host to the majority of the catwalk shows taking place during LCM as well showcasing a selection of mens accessories which me and Maria absolutely fell in love with, forget about it being just mens, we’re thinking the ‘unisex’ rule totally has to apply because it would be selfish for the men to want to keep all the accessories to themselves.


First up was a collection that any gentlemen with style would totally love, a collection of  cufflinks by Alice Made This. British designer Alice Walsh was at LCM showcasing  her latest work, Collection 006 – Investment Casting, inspired by the intricate designs of 18th century courtier dress buttons. Who would’ve thought that womenswear could inspire menswear in such intricate ways!? Alice Made This has formed contemporary fossils of the original steel rivet buttons, which adorned 18th century courtier’s waistcoats and created modern cufflinks, using one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques, dating back 5000 years, known as investment casting. Now ladies I know cufflinks aren’t necessarily our thing but I’m sure you can snap some of Alice’s up and make them work for you somehow – I mean our clothing (from back in the day) did inspire the designs after all.


2014-01-07 16.44.04

Keeping it all about menswear however, we can’t talk about Alice made This without mentioning one of their latest collaborations with another mens accessories line – Marwood a ties and bow ties brand. The A/W14 collection includes woven ties, scarves, silk jacquard pocket squares and bow ties – oh and of course the collaboration pieces with Alice Made This featuring four individual silk and wool jacquards to match the four tie pins by Alice Made This in gold, silver, copper and pure rhodium.

2014-01-07 16.44.57

Besides the collaboration, Marwood also brings to the table an updated collection in fresh seasonal colours of teal and dusty rose. On top of all that Marwood also boasts new additions to this season’s collection; patterned merino socks which have proven to be the highlight experimentation of the A/W14 sock range which already includes luxurious mohair socks in heavy ribbed and plain knit options.

2014-01-07 16.46.11

You can’t have amazing socks without amazingly hot shoes to match and thanks to ohw? (pronounced who) this is not something you’ll have to worry about as they present a cool collection of majorly contemporary shoes. A new label from two footwear fanatics, ohw? builds on its ‘back to basics’ aesthetic with a new range of clean, pared down designs that let the craftsmanship, materials and detail shine through. Featuring touches of architectural influence, sports inspiration, cheek hints of leather and paint finishes (in either petrol blue, cordovan or black) the shoes are a modern must have.

2014-01-07 17.20.38


I almost forgot to mention, this ultra-cool line is thinking of bring out a bags collection – we thought it was super cool, what do you guys think? Yay or nay?

who bag

Talking about sport inspired collections Campbell Cole brought to LCM their Annex collection, a range of contemporary bags and small leather goods inspired by modern living architecture and a touch of designer Ian Campbell’s sporty background. A collection that plays beautifully on minimalism and utilises the ever fashionable black, Campbell Cole manages to create a sleek and ultra-luxe line, creating bags that work with anything and everything, you’ll want to carry it around with you everywhere – as Campbell Cole nicely put it “each bag is a portable living space for your belongings – an extension of your home” – we can’t say we don’t see why, the soft premium leather these bags are made from will have you telling people hands-off  the bag!

2014-01-07 16.51.02

Keep up with the FAB blog to find out about all the other great collections we get to see, tomorrow’s the final day, so stay tuned.



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