After constant negative reviews from critics last season, Kanye west mustered up the confidence to showcase his new fall collections in front of the eyes of the fashion press again.  One thing a lot of critics pointed out last season was the bag tailoring his clothes consisted off. Well this season he certainly took note, perhaps a bit too much because he showed figure hugging separates of  leather tops, skirts, skinny trousers and dresses.


The collection was also smaller than last season keeping his ideas short and emphasized. In terms of authenticity it reminded me of something that Riccardo Tisci would design for Givench, which is  absolutely spot on because that is what Kanye wears on a daily basis.  Regardless he still manages to put his own spin on it (i.e the fourth look down: the grey top and peplum over a fur coat, only Kanye would mix leather and fur like that).  All in all I think there has been a huge improvement from last season(which wasn’t really that bad besides the fit issue). I just hope he continues on this path until he finds stance as fashion designer.





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