After months and months of waiting in anticipation,  photographs for the new Versace and H&M range finally surfaced on the internet.






The collection draws on the elements that made the company famous in the 90s. Be prepared to see lots of studded leather dresses, print jacket & scarfs and the Grecian element the brand is known for.

 Compared to other collaboration collections the price point is quite accessible with goods ranging from £30-£200. The collection offers a wide range of goods from dresses to jewellery and even some home furniture.

silk dress £79.99 and leggings £24.99

Orange dress £69.99

Yellow Studded Mini Dress £129.99

Pink Studded Mini Dress £129.99

Silk dress £79.99

Metallic dress £149.99

Top £39.99 skirt £69.99 and jacket £149.99

Silk dress £79.99

Bustier £69.99 and Trousers £39.99

leather dress, £179.99

And For the guy:

Top £49.99 and leather trousers £179.99

Shirt £29.99 and Jeans £39.99

Jacket £79.99

Blazer £79.99, shirt £29.99 and trousers £39.99

Top £24.99 and leather belt £39.99

Studded leather jacket £199.99 and shorts £29.99

The collection will be sold in 300 H&M stores around the world as well as its online website. I’d advise any budding fashionista to already have in mind what they want so that they can easily go straight in, pick it up and pay, because with collaboration collections especially with H&M everything sells out on the first day.

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