Marvelous chinwe Olugu, generally known as Marvy is an upcoming fashion designer from Abia state, born on the 23th of February, 1992,  spent most of my childhood in Lagos, Nigeria, did all her schooling here and currently a sociology major at the University of Lagos state.

Fashion designing has always been my life long dream,its something am passionate about. I’ve been designing as a kid for dolls but out grew that, enrolled in sewing classes under the guidance of a Nigerian fashion designer Nee Mo now based in New York. Soon after I began sewing for my friends and family.Last year my career as a professional fashion designer kicked off at the Lagos Style Week where I had my first major fashion show and officially introduced my brand Marvee Sketch to the world. Thereafter, I did a couple of other shows.” Says Marvy.

Marvee Sketch is a brand that’s aimed at creating classy feminine pieces that flatter a woman’s physique. With designs inspired by a play of colors, prints, textures and a balance in shapes, cuts and structures. Marvee Sketch embraces a strong feminine sexuality and reaches out to confident women and young ladies looking out a statement with their outfit.

As the creative mind behind the new fashion line –  Marvee Sketch. Marvy debuts with her first youthful inspired collection Marvel by Marvee Sketch.

The Marvel Collection is divided into three parts and each of them is inspired by two historical eras; the Roaring twenties and the swinging fifties and also my love for classic long evening silhouettes. The first set of pieces in this collection is for the naughty, free spirited and flirty girl. This playful look is inspired by the minimal 60’s color blocking. She plays with lots of bold colors,  African prints, embellishments done with sequins and beads, and some floral detailing.

The second set of pieces is for the contemporary yet original girl. Inspired front cutaway tail tuxedos from the 20th century with a splash of colors, used nets, African prints as well as some other plain fabrics giving it some form of originality and modern look.

The third set of pieces which the designer says are her favorite, is for the femme fatale. Lots of sophisticated evening wears that cut to flatter a woman’s curves and accentuate her best body parts. She uses lots of lace fabrics, sheer added embellishments and some classic accessories like gloves, pearls and a shawl.


Photography: Chyder5 photography – [email protected]

Model: Favour Olugu

Stylist: Favour Olugu

Designer: Marvy Olugu – [email protected]


Please send all lookbooks to [email protected] Thank you


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