House of Versatility introduces it’s one of a kind bracelet – Safari Beads – the latest addition to the HVS Accessories Collection. With House of Versatile Style’s design Identity, Agate Beads, Wood and Glass Beads are combined to create a simple, yet elegant bracelet.


“We did it! 2 years in the making…Finally, I had the opportunity to work with the Amazing Renowned Creative Photographer Hubert Ye Hua .We were done within 2 hours, both photo shoot and Filming. Moroccan Model Naura Fathi made it easy .The chemistry between us three was magnificent. I call this one ‘Luxury in Safari’….Special Thanks to my Oldest Brother Ib for inspiring this piece.” -Bukola Aré


Created for women who defy fashion trends, expressing themselves through their distinctive sense of style, HVS womenswear & accessories is designed to inspire a sense of self assurance and vitality in the women who wear House of Versatile Styles.


Driven by Bukola’s sophisticated, playful, and bold vision, the collection achieves a timeless aesthetic which serves every woman through its integration of classic with experimental elements. The HVS collection includes the finest fabrics from around the globe influenced by American, African and European culture. No detail is overlooked in Bukola’s designs.

Safari Beads by House of Versatile Styles  are now available exclusively at

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