Write up By Charlotte Corstanje

Morts & More (UK), a label by three very confident gentlemen might actually turn out to become the next Ozwald Boateng in fashion. They created well tailored suits for men but also women. A nice detail was the breast pocket handkerchief in the colors of the Ghanaian flag.

1981 (Italy)

Coccolily (Canada)

Mimi Lee London (UK) showed interesting and well tailored dresses that were accentuated on the hips and had peek through necklines and, on the other hand showed kimono-like dresses with silk floral prints. With about twenty pieces this was a clear and proper collection.

AFG-Trade not Aid (UK) showed unisex statement t-shirts.

The evening couldn’t have ended more perfectly than with a show by the popular Christie Brown (Ghana). The collection was fabulously styled with shoes designed by the label Mo’saique (UK). Like Mina Evans also Christie Brown used tie-dye, tie-dye in which several different colors were combined. The overall feel of the collection was very feminine and beautiful materials were used and combined into rich creations.


Photo credit: Kola Oshalusi for INSIGNA

Video credit: FashionistaGH

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