Blingbeadz is a UK based company that sells jewellery made from beads (crystals, rhinestones, wood, pearls, acrylic, glass etc). They believe beads are the best fashion accessories a woman needs to have, as they compliment all fashion styles and are great for all occasions. Their team consists of innovative and creative minds who love fashion and work hard to achieve set goals. Blingbeadz caters for individuals, weddings and ceremonies in general.

-How did Blingbeads start? and Why the name Blingbeadz?

One day I was watching the Apprentice and it got me thinking. I’m naturally independent and I’ve always said I’d start my own business when the timing was right. So as I was watching I started thinking of what I could do. I knew it had to be fashion related because I love fashion and since I love jewellery as well, I decided I would go for that. So I did some research and realized I wanted to focus on beaded jewellery and from there, I did more research, made phone calls and set up a plan. That was how it all started. The name Blingbeadz was actually invented in a couple of minutes. The company’s focus is beads and so we felt it had to be incorporated in the name. ‘Bling’ was chosen because it is young and fun. So we did a bit more thinking and settled for ‘Blingbeadz’

-How many people are on the Blingbeadz team?

The Blingbeadz team consists of 3 very creative minds.

-What makes Blingbeadz different from other bead-making companies?

Well we haven’t seen very many popular ‘beads only’ companies out there. We see a niche in the market and we are ready to fill it. We believe women are naturally beautiful but have that extra boost of confidence when they have accessories to compliment their beauty.

-Where does Blingbeadz hope to be 5 years from now?

5 years from now we hope to be very far gone. We have set goals. Lets just say be ready for a few surprises in the coming years.

-Where can Blingbeadz be bought?

Blingbeadz can be bought online.We’ll have shows and stalls coming up soon. Follow @Blingbeadz to be updated.

Also, for more information or to purchase some blingbeadz, visit:

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