In the run up to the GUBA Awards scheduled for Saturday 10 November 2012 at the Park Plaza Hotel, as media partners for the event, we will bring you exclusive interviews with designers nominated in the in the Best African Fusion Designer category.

We have thus far brough you exclusives with Ashanti Lou and Anita Quansah. Here with us today is House of Adjeiwaah.

To vote for House of Adjeiwaah or any of the other designers, please visit the GUBA site.

Tell us a bit about your label and its history? 

The House of Adjeiwaah was founded in 2011 and is a label dedicated to the modern women of today’s society. The brand embraces a mixed generation with the view of reaching out to the masses through an assortment of trends. The majority of the fabric used is African Print but we ensure to use prints that have designs that are unique and vivid.

What are the inspirations/story behind your latest collection? 

My latest collection was inspired by the fact that when I released my first collection last year, I was advised to try and change my direction and ideas and conform to what others envisaged for my brand. Therefore I produced a line and titled it “Freedom” as I wanted the liberty as a designer to experiment and explore and for my buyers to have the freedom to decide which attire is for them. I might get it right and at times u get it wrong. But I love the freedom to be able to escape into my own little bubble  when I’m  happy or sad and do what I’ve done since I was 10 and just draw and create from my heart. But most importantly for me I got approval from that that it was dedicated to and that was today’s youth. They loved It and understood me as a designer and totally connected with the collection.
How would you define the person who wears your creations? 

A woman who is independent, fierce and loves to experiment while making a statement and there is also the women that is timid, unassuming yet confident who allows for her image to send out a strong a message.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from my surroundings I can be anywhere and something like a shape or a colour will trigger off an idea and I get really excited by the process. The moment I find a pen i transfer all these ideas by sketching each piece. My first collection was inspired by sitting on the trains to and from work every morning and evening I would shut off  from the passengers around me and by the time I knew it   I had 10  outfits in my head. I’m also inspired by where I was bought up being from east London allows me to show grittiness in some of my work and attitude which gives the design that edge.
And who else would you like to see wearing your label? 

I would like to see Lady GaGa actually rocking PVC mixed with African print; only Gaga could pull off such an eclectic look in an effortless manner. I love how she embraces every aspect of fashion and uses it to her advantage. But most importantly she understands who she is as a woman and will not permit for anybody to try and define how or what she should look like.

Where can the fans of your label buy your creations?

The clothing is available to order via my website at and the e -shop will be up and running in the next few weeks so I’m looking for ward to that.
How does it feel being nominated in the fashion category of GUBA Awards and what would it mean to win this award? 

I feel extremely honoured to be nominated as I see every positive opportunity in life as a blessing. It would be fantastic to win but no matter what I’m just proud that I’ve been recognised by my community.

What’s next for 2012 and beyond for you and your label? 

I have a lot planned for next year but my main priority and focus will be more towards customer quality delivery and putting mechanisms in place to provide this more effectively. I also want to branch out into other areas of the industry as I also enjoy trying to promote and help other to reach there potential.

And our classic question with a twist – what is FAB about being Ghanaian? 

The FAB thing about being a Ghanaian is that we are a nation which is so rich and deep in culture that the moment u land in Ghana your whole spirit feels warm. Also we are responsible for the one of the most phenomenal dance crazes to grace this century – the Azonto.


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