IMG-20140914-WA0021[1]Edeline Lee’s Spring Summer 2015 presentation was everything and more than we expected it to be. Teaming up with Little Greene, Edeline Lee managed to create an innovative experience that combined classic clothing with inspirational interior designs.

IMG-20140914-WA0024[1] IMG-20140914-WA0028[1]Inspired by the process of restoring and decorating her Victorian house, Edeline Lee realised that construction in building and construction clothing was not that different, both required careful measurement, lining, layers, thoughtful use of colour and great attention to detail in the finished product.

During the presentation it was clear to see how the construction on the clothing directly linked to the interior design which helped tell a story and allowed those who viewed it to let their imaginations run wild.



In the collection graphic foiled stripes create a contrast against the material of the clothing and cut at precise angles, carefully structured fringing on lightweight material creates moving silhouettes and colour contrasting produces a dramatic effect.

Edeline Lee has used heavy silk gazar and lightweight gabardine to produce her refreshing collection, all of which she calls the “construction fabrics of fashion”.

IMG-20140914-WA0034[1]We can’t forget to mention that as we examined the fine detailing in the clothes and design we were serenaded by sultry sounds which added to the atmosphere and allowed us to really transport ourselves on a journey with the collection.

The collaboration between Edeline Lee and Little Greene is definitely one we hope to see more of in the future.

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