MyAsho is a UK based online boutique that sells clothing from established and up-and-coming African designers. It also celebrate and promotes the talent of African designers based throughout the world. The brain behind MyAsho is Dolapo Shobanjo.



The Idea of MyAsho was conceived from the lack of promotion African designers were getting. I contacted the top designers, I spoke to them and asked them about their struggle and how difficult it is for them. That’s really how it got started, so to create that credible infrastructure is to show the global demand for the products and that will kick-start the productions. – Dolapo Shobanjo

MyAsho sell a wide range of goods from womenswear to kidswears to homewear. I have been on her website and I have to say it’s absolutely FAB. She stocks big designers like Ituen Basi, Jewel by Lisa, Toju Foyeh, Tsemaye Binitie and Tiffany amber. Regardless of her broad customer base, Dolapo is still a tough cookie.

We’re very happy to add new people in the site but we have to ensure that the designers we add are serious.

I think this is a very good initiative which the African fashion industry needs, because a lot people still feed off that ‘I have a very good tailor, which makes me a designer’.


Check out  the video of the interview below:



To also Check out MyAsho’s Website click here



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