It’s Sunday! Yay!! And also the last day of AMFWL, the feeling is bittersweet actually but I’m sort of glad it’s over because I’ve been day dreaming about sleep the past few days.

I’m actually not in hair and makeup at the moment because I came in early today. I know I’m surprised as well. LoL

So Yesterday (Saturday) was a really chilled out day for me. I only did 2 shows -Kiki Kamanu and Tiffany Amber compared to the day before when I did 7. I really enjoyed myself yesterday, I watched a few shows (Clan’s collection was AMAZING) and I took a few pictures backstage and of interesting shoes I saw in different collections.





Remember the Loza Moleombho show? (My Arabian gangster outfit) that’s the designer! And she’s wearing the trousers I wore on the runway.


Me with another FAB model! :-)

Some of the designers showing today are Grey, Bestow Elan, Kluk CGDT, Viv La Resistance, Kastle Design&treasure Chest, Jewel by Lisa and Ozwald Boateng.

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