Sitting here in hair and make up again… This is turning out to be Makida Moka’s Arise Magazine Lagos Fashion Week Hair and Make Up Chronicles. Hair and make up is the only place I get to sit down at and not do much.










So yesterday went really well, apart from my shoe flying off my foot at the finale of the last show I did! My favourite outfit from yesterday’s shows was the one I wore for Loza Maleombho’s show. I looked like an Arabian gangstar! Well, maybe not… but I felt really cool.

Today, I got in late and went straight into fittings for Christie Brown and Jil. I still feel a bit tired but I’ll snap out of it soon. Despite the hooha of the first few days, everything seems to be going alright and happening on time today.

Off to lunch now 😀

Some of the designers showing today are Sunny Rose, Christie Brown, Davida, Prey of London, House of Farah, Bridget Awosika, Mustafa Hassanali and Lanre DaSilva Ajayi.Wait for tomorrow’s update to find out how things pan out on the runway and backstage today!

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