FAB Fashion Critique: Who Looked FAB and Drab At The Tinsel 1000th Event

The Tinsel 1000th episodes event has come and gone, after much anticipation and buzz about it. The event which held on the 23rd of May 2013, at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos , was one of the events to go down in the glamorous list of events to occur in Nigeria. Now here at FAB, we have decided to take a tender and not so tender glance at the looks that rocked and flopped the red carpet. We have our ten best and ten worst looks, read on.


IMG_4285 Beautiful black fish dress, moderately revealing cleavage and accentuating body silhouette with that thin Chanel belt. Minimal accessories too, which makes it easy for one to focus on the beauty of the dress. Nice hairstyle too, perfect for the dress just like a side chignon bun would have been too.

IMG_4387 Anybody agree that this dress reminds them of the cartoon, ‘The Little Mermaid’? This dress has the aquamarine factor in all its vibes. From the teal colour, which is reminiscent of the ocean, the fishtail looking peplum and the shimmery sequins at the top. The colour is on trend at the moment too, rocking the catwalks at Madrid and Paris, and being used by designers such as Versace and Elie Saab.

IMG_4398 Now this is the kind of dress that can turn one green with envy because it has everything! The fitted silhouette, the sequin material, and the moderate trail. Although this look does not seem like it will be the ideal for everyone, but it sits perfectly on Ms Edewor because of her light skin tone. Nice hair applique too, a more fashion conscious alternative to a white wedding dress maybe?

IMG_4752 Beautiful dress by Elegante of Tiannah Styling. Nice sequins, which is also reminscent of the waters. Nice long sleeves, slightly loose on her though, could have worked even more perfectly if it was fitted. The wow factors of the dress are the colour and the side slit. Again use of minimal accessories, which draws attention to the dress. Not so glam hairstyle though, too sharp for her soft facial features.

IMG_4247 If this dress could talk, it will say ‘I am simple but damn right classy’. It is a vintage style, but modernised with the embellishments on the blouse. That alone takes the points for the classy factor of the dress. Nice hair and makeup, simple and chic. Would have been nicer if her shoes were in the same gold hue as the embellishments.

IMG_4260 Who says halter neck can not be glam again? You thought wrong. This is a good example. Simplistic and FABulously done with the fitted silhouette. The hair also fits in with the shape because of the length and colour. Nice choice of shoes though, although it is not quite visible.

IMG_4207 This is power FAB at its best. The over the top peplum cut of the white blazer, is just slaying it. Without the blazer, the outfit will have been quite bland, but Dolapo Oni maximises her FAB factor with it along with the statement clutch of studs. The gold pumps also give an edginess to the monochrome vibe going on, whilst giving Dolapo Oni some height and elongated legs.

IMG_4198 Nice blazers and shoes. The little red brooch also does the trick of adding colour to the monochrome ensemble, making it look less humdrum. The glasses are also speaking retro, but gentleman thus rating him on the dapper scale of 8 out of 10. Good job from your stylist Julius Agwu.

IMG_4310 Yvonne Vixen just gets it when it comes to the red carpet. Chick looks smoking hot in this black sequin ensemble, which she has styled with matching black jewellery and a bold matte lip. The shoes also help the outfit, making it look less gothic glam to modern FAB. Nice updo too.

IMG_4147 OC Ukeje looking dapper as always. The mix of tan and black works for male dressers, it is neutral but still sophisticated. Nice shoes too, and nice sharp cut to the trousers. It would have been better if he had not worn the chain or necklace.

The Drab

IMG_4135  Looks like someone did not get the memo for the dress code and thought they were out on the island to club. Wrong style of jeans, wrong fitting of shirt and wrong pose. Red carpet FLOP!


Wagwan? We did not ask to see the wicked witch of West Africa on the red carpet. Horrible hairstyle, ugly makeup and awkward dress. Looks like she even knows she is not looking her best or she thinks she’s the hottest in there.

IMG_4165 Oh dear Susan Peters finds it hard to stay glam or is it that she tries too hard? Maybe so. Nice dress material and fitted silhouette but the style, looks so wrong for her. In the neck area, the dress looks like it is almost strangling her and she’s struggling to strike a cute smile for the camera. Ugly choice of purse too. She was trying to colour block, but it fashion blocked BIG time!


IMG_4170 Now this dress is reminscent of a nightie! (sorry but take a closer look). Ufuoma Ejenobor, you always look good at events. What happened this time? The asymmetrical cut looks awkward and it just looks blergh. Room for better improvement hun.

IMG_4209 Okay another fashion block victim here. Yellow dress which seems two sizes too tight, orange looking shoes and blood red clutch purse. Hmmm. Someone needs to get herself a stylist fast. Hairstyle also makes you look like a grandma trying to stay relevant in the fashion game.

IMG_4229 Wrong accessories killed these looks. Lady on the left, please explain the chunky white bead necklace and the floral print purse?! Your hair is beautiful but no bueno in the FAB style scale. The lady on the right, we can’t quite put our finger on why you chose to wear nude shoes on a blue and white dress? Then you carry a silver purse? Drab.


IMG_4265 Nice purse Rukky, but the outfit looks unfitting. She looks oversized than she actually is. Maybe it is the monostrap hand or the fish, something is just not FAB here.

IMG_4320 Now definitely this lady does not have good friends. How can they let her step out of the house looking like she’s going to a university rag day fundraiser? The long sleeves of the dress look like a cyclist’s kit vest and the slit? Unnecessary. Wrong shoes and what’s up with the Zulu styled neck piece? It will have been FAB with another outfit.

IMG_4329 This dress will have been good if it was actually not in monostrap. The cut is nice and simple, along with the fitting. But the top? The designer took a turn for the drab. Cute shoes though.

Now you have seen it all, put your comments below about your opinions with these fashion beauties and blunders. Stay FAB.

Images: Insignia


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