A lot of men have started to embrace the fashion world these days. Being stylish and fashion conscious is no longer something that is strictly for women as more and more men are turning out to be fashion forward and willing to learn about fashion.

Where a lot of men feel there is nothing for them in the fashion world – they’d rather just wear a regular suit, shirts, pants and be on their way – we are happy to see quite a few taking the time out to look impeccable and sharp.

A lot of men also do not like to take risks with fashion and will rather stick with something they are comfortable with than venture into unknown and uncertain grounds. The FAB Style team has put together a few risky style statements that men can try out – we will guide you through.

A Touch Of Leather5-Risky-Men’s-Style-Statements-&-How-To-Pull-Them-Off-FAB-Magazine
Whether it is a leather biker jacket or leather trousers, a touch of leather is all that you need for a hint of rebellion. If you are bold enough to take a risk with this style statement, remember that leather alone is a statement and if the fit is too tight it looks off. Styling should be as minimal as possible – go easy with other aspects of your outfit.

Bright Coloured Suits
5-Risky-Men’s-Style-Statements-&-How-To-Pull-Them-Off-FAB-Magazine (2)
Suits with bright colours is also a fashion risk that most men do not want to take choosing to stick with more conservative colours like black, grey and dark blue. There is no reason why you can’t step out of the norm and go with a burst of colour – we are not talking neon pink, but a brighter shade of blue or bold red. Just remember to choose a colour that works with your skintone and wear it with other solid or subtle shirt and tie combinations.

Print Suits
5-Risky-Men’s-Style-Statements-&-How-To-Pull-Them-Off-FAB-Magazine (3)
This is a majorly avoided area for men. Plaid suits, floral suits, pinstripe and more are avoided like a plague and it does not have to be that way. One of the best ways to pull off a print suit is to keep everything else understated and simple. Also to ease into it you can start with a print blazer or print trousers till you feel comfortable enough to pair them together.

Shorts Suit
5-Risky-Men’s-Style-Statements-&-How-To-Pull-Them-Off-FAB-Magazine (4)Control-Collection-by-Ifeanyi-Nwune-4Luckily Pharell Williams and Jim Iyke have paved the way for this style statement and we can only hope that it begins to catch on soon. Wearing s shorts suit is not out-of-place even for a black tie event – the secret to pulling off this look is in how you pair it up. For this outfit, tailoring is key. If the shorts are designed to hit above the knee, make sure that’s exactly where they finish. If you go down the cropped trousers route, 5cm above your shoes is enough. You are encouraged to wear quirky or bold-coloured shoes, as they complement unorthodox lengths. Whether you opt for a matching suit jacket and shorts or slightly cropped trousers, pair with a summery tie and sockless loafers.

Gold Bling

In our world wearing think gold jewelry automatically screams out music star, and a lot of corporate guys do not want to be seen in such light. It’s understandable not to want to pile on the thick gold chains on your neck but there is absolutely nothing wrong with gold rings. Whenever gold is involved, it’s important to understand how thin the line we’ll be walking on is, so be careful with other parts of your outfit. Keep your grooming as natural as possible and a beard stubble with dishevelled hair work best for this look. If you must to do it, really go for it: pile up bracelets, collect rings and stack chains. Interestingly, bling often looks better in excess than restrained.


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