Every woman knows that there are just some fashion items that one has to have – regardless of budget or comfort. Once these items are safely among your wardrobe staples then it becomes easier to work any outfit around them or to build on them.

Wardrobe staples are good investments because regardless of the season or fashion trend going round you can always fall back on them. There are usual items that you very obviously cannot do without, like a pair of black pumps, but we are exploring other options that can add an “oomph” to your outfit.

These 5 fashion items are a must in a fashionable woman’s wardrobe – they are classic items that you might not even have to sacrifice on. They’re guaranteed to pair well with garments you already own and compliment every shape.

The “LRD”
5-Wardrobe-Staples-Women-Closet-FAB-Magazine (2)Everybody knows that a Little Black Dress is one of the first things to invest in as a fashionable woman, but you can always also invest in a “Little Red Dress”. LRDs are also a wardrobe staple that can get you out of sticky situations of last-minute outfits. A red dress screams “I’m here and fashionable” without making you look boring.

White Pumps
5-Wardrobe-Staples-Women-Closet-FAB-Magazine (3)We all know how important black pumps and nude pumps are. Hardly will you see the closet of any woman lacking in that area, however it is time to invest in a pair of white pumps too. These babies can make your outfit pop and give you a classy edge too.

Statement Necklace
5-Wardrobe-Staples-Women-Closet-FAB-Magazine (4)Wherever accessorizing falls in is very important. Accessories have the power to make or break your outfit – but the best way to look your best without putting in too much effort is with a statement necklace. You can have these in as many colours as you want, but for your very first statement necklace opt for gold as it can work well with a number of outfits that way.

Tailored Pants
5-Wardrobe-Staples-Women-Closet-FAB-Magazine (5)Denims are a must in a woman’s closet – but tailored pants are more important to us. They can be switched up and dressed in a number of ways to look formal, casual, chic and much more. Well-tailored pants are responsible for many working class women being called fashionable so invest in a pair too.

Boyfriend Blazer
5-Wardrobe-Staples-Women-Closet-FAB-Magazine (1)A black blazer is a wardrobe staple but you can take things up a notch a bit with a boyfriend blazer. Invest in a blazer that can be turned up on the sleeves or that is a bit bigger than you.


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