Today is the first time that Nigeria will be playing since the 2014 FIFA World Cup started on Thursday, June 12 2014. We are excited at how things have been turning out so far with African countries that have already played as well as the sense of camaraderie that has enveloped Nigeria because of the sportsmanship.

Anyway as we look forward to the Nigerian game (they will be playing against Iran by 8pm today) we can’t help but think of how best to show our support for our team. Wearing one of the Nigerian football jerseys is of course the way to go so we have put together 3 different ways in which you can wear the Nigerian jersey in style.

The new Nigeria 2014 Away Shirt is based on the Adidas Regista 14 template and is mainly white. The new Nigeria 2014 Kit has dark and light green accents. On the front of the new Nigeria 2014 World Cup Kit feature small darker green pinstripes, while the sleeves are divided in one light green and one dark green part. The Adidas stripes on the sleeves are white, while on the back under the collar features the lettering Nigeria. The V-collar features both green colors, similar to the sleeve cuffs.

Look 1 – Staying In

Look 2 – Out With Friends

Look 3 – Out On A Date

You can shop for the 2014 green Nigerian jersey kit or the white Nigerian jersey kit Here, Here, Here or Here.

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