Sunday 20th of February was very different to my usual Sunday snooze, worship, Sunday roast and back to to some more snooze. It was a London Fashion Sunday and boy did we work a sweat sprinting from show to show to finally cool off the steam from our heels at the A La Mode off schedule LFW show to see Zed Eye’s AW11 Debut.

Sinem- FAB Editor-in-Chief & Zed Eye

Zed Eye presented us with just what to wear for the coming chill with a 20s, 30s and 50s inspired theme collection. The collection was easy on the eye, understated but ultra-chic sticking to a no fuss palette of blue hues. With a variety of retro cut dresses, nicely fitting trousers and elegantly shaped capes, Zed Eye explained; “I wanted to create a collection that was accessible, easy to wear and on point.”
Not the only designer with current affairs on her mind, without compromising elegance it was her desire to design economical pieces which can be seen in the use easy to clean fabrics and fake furs. “You do not have to spend so much to wear something that is classic, chic and clean likewise with the hair if you don’t have money to buy a long weave you can buy a short weave or cut your hair short”. Zed Eye will be showing VOL 2 of the collection at the Arise Africa Fashion Week in Lagos, it will be her first ever fashion showing in her homeland, but we doubt if she will shy away from presenting us practical dressing for warmer climates. We look forward to it!

Here goes the full collection:
Image Credits: SubySinem

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