DJ’s don’t get much or enough credit. Where will our parties without the careful coordination and merging of songs? Where will all the hip dance moves go without someone to get us into the mood at club scenes or even weddings? Where will music be without music?

FAB-Exclusive-Interview-DJ-Spinall-TheCAP-FAB-Magazine-Music (5)In a bid to appreciate and understand the forces behind music these days, FAB Magazine sat down with one of the more popular DJs we have in Nigeria right now, DJ Spinall. He talks to us about the art of DJing, the passion behind that are and so much more. We also delve into his fashion world, his love life and a surprising fact we bet you didn’t know about him.

Before the questions, a little biography on the young man that is DJ Spinall. DJ Spinall’s birth name is Sodamola Desmond Oluseye and he was born on the 2nd of June. He is third out of a family of 5. He is a graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering and a few other degrees. DJ Spinall is a hard-working DJ who plays all music genres fearlessly behind the ones and twos. DJ Spinall is known for his fearless attitude while in the mix,while other deejays struggle not to mess up a mix, Spinall plays well on the deck with out an aorta of fear, cutting, cueing, fading, scratching and more.

He started calling himself Spinall in 2003.


FAB: Tell us what growing up was like for you?

DJ Spinall: Growing up was fun and absolutely memorable.


FAB: What ignited your passion for Djing?

DJ Spinall: The love for big bass beats and the creativity behind mixing these beats with other beats

FAB-Exclusive-Interview-DJ-Spinall-TheCAP-FAB-Magazine-Music (4)FAB: What’s the idea behind your signature African cap?

DJ Spinall: The idea behind TheCAP came from when I was a kid I used to watch my Dad dress up and finishing off with a Cap before he steps out to functions, now in today’s world. I am a DJ, the life of the party so when you see TheCAP on my head it means its time to party. The fashion idea is also to celebrate African Prints; I have local African fabric prints from all the African countries I have been to DJ. We should celebrate these.


FAB: Guessing DJ Spinall is DJ Spin All, of course, but why that name?

DJ Spinall: I strongly believe in that variety is the spice of life, I can’t just be playing just hip hop or just afro pop as my audience consist of different people whose music interest aren’t the same so I’d like to be that guy who Spins All hence my name DJ Spinall.


FAB: Can you remember the first cash you made through your music career, how did it feel?

DJ Spinall: Of course, I remember, it was a whooping sum of N500 and it was a church gig. Nothing feels better getting paid for your passion. It’s a full-time job now, Glory be to God.

FAB-Exclusive-Interview-DJ-Spinall-TheCAP-FAB-Magazine-Music (3)FAB: Which artistes do you look up to, both Nigerian and foreign and which ones would you like to work with?

DJ Spinall: In Nigeria, Burna Boy. I have done that!!! I want to work with a lot of the new acts basically and for international Chris Brown & Brandy


FAB: Do you think DJing is an art? Or trainable?

DJ Spinall: It’s both actually. It’s a trainable art. After learning the basics you have to constantly train yourself to be extraordinaire


FAB: Where do you see the Nigerian music industry in the next 5 years?

DJ Spinall: It’s hard to tell but from look of things and if the right structure comes to play the sky is definitely our starting point. I’m very optimistic we will make Nigeria proud if we have not been doing that already.


FAB: What is your typical day like?

DJ Spinall: The Music Business 24/7, everything that has to do with my brand and my affiliates. You know this is not a 9 to 5 kind of job.


FAB: Let’s talk about fashion; do you see yourself as a ‘fashionista’?

DJ Spinall: I guess with the birth of TheCAP


FAB: Do you work with a stylist to achieve your looks for TV and red carpet? Give us a brief into the process of picking an outfit for TV or red carpet?

DJ Spinall: Yes I do work with a stylist sometimes, they are professionals who understand what best suit the purpose of your outing but sometimes I just work it myself.


FAB: What is your favourite fashion item?

DJ Spinall: It has to be SHOES

FAB-Exclusive-Interview-DJ-Spinall-TheCAP-FAB-Magazine-Music (2)FAB: What is your most expensive fashion item?

DJ Spinall: My Shoes & TheCAPs


FAB: Do you have a beauty routine or favourite beauty product?

DJ Spinall: Naa, I leave that for the ladies.


FAB: Going personal, what romance is brewing in your life?

DJ Spinall: I wish!!!!! , I see romance in movies fam!!! Looolll Story.


FAB: What is that one thing that the world does not know about DJ Spinall?

DJ Spinall: I’m very private & God-fearing.


FAB: What are your final words to your fans?

DJ Spinall: I wish I can individually hug and handshake every single one of you. Thanks for supporting and don’t stop supporting, go after your dreams. Ignore negative people; keep on keeping on and put God first above all.

FAB: Thank you for your time!

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