Have you ever been to a PSquare concert? If you have not then I swear you have not lived! PSquare is currently on their American tour and stopped in Dallas, Texas over the weekend and we bring you exclusive images from the event below. See the interior of the limousine they rolled in; the girls that could not get enough of him on stage and also the policemen who had to pause and bow to the superstar duo!

See images below:

p squareREZE3622

psqu psquare acknowledging Big A psquare1 psquareREZE3691 copy psquareREZE3871 psquareREZE3911 psquareREZE3955 psquareREZE4202 copy psquareREZE4229 REZE4248 copyWebNew


Photo credits: Reze Bonna Photography

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