Veteran Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli is over the moon on account of her 12th year wedding annivesary. The actress who tweeted yesterday, excitedly on the social networking site, ‘12yrs of marriage! I just thank The Lord for His grace, mercy and many many more years in Jesus name!‘ is set to crown her celebration with an 8-day tour of the Holy Land in Israel starting today.

Omoli and her husband Nnamdi are having the time of their lives

The thrilled mother and ambassador of the beauty care brand, Venus informed us of this yesterday when she took out time from her super-busy schedule to speak for a few minutes on the success of her marriage before hurrying to tidy up travel plans. We wish the couple many more years together.

Enjoy the brief interview!

FAB: Congratulations Omoni on your anniversary. How do you feel celebrating 12 years of marriage?

Omoni: I feel great celebrating 12 years of marriage. Its amazing but it seems just like yesterday that we got married. It doesn’t feel like 12 years has come and gone. I am so thankful to God for 12 beautiful years. I have been happy, fulfilled and above all, there’s so much love in my home.

FAB: The ladies (and gents) want to know; what’s your secret?

Omoni: I don’t know if there is a secret. My husband and I are best friends and we put Jesus in the mix. He’s with us in the marriage and a 3 fold cord cannot be easily broken! We don’t keep malice with each other, no matter what, we always try to sort out our differences even if we have to agree to disagree.

FAB: With celebrity break ups every now and then, could it really be that hard to find and keep a relationship? What would you say to anyone who believes marriage is an impossible or horrible game?

Omoni: It really can’t be that hard to find and keep a relationship. Its all about finding someone that is compatible with you. Find someone who completes you, not someone that competes with you. Marriage is a partnership and it’s in everyone’s best interest if it’s a partnership that works. My weaknesses should be areas of strength for him and vice versa.

FAB: What is Omoni Oboli up to personally and career-wise?

Omoni: :I am still doing movies and also running Omoni Oboli Foundation. Right now, we are in the process of collecting relief materials for flood victims.

FAB:Who is Omoni Oboli in 3 words?

Omoni: I am an easy going serious minded but fun loving home girl!

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