At the mention of ‘Aramide’, the Star Quest competition of 2006 comes to mind. The contemporary soul and jazz artist who kicked off music as an inspiration from her father’s eclectic music collection is one rising star to look out for in the music industry today.

Aramide Sarumoh was born on the 22nd of June 1985 in Lagos Nigeria. Her early childhood was spent in the famous city of Jos where her skills in singing and song writing were nurtured. In 2008, she was a part of a show called ‘Divas Unplugged’ which included the leading female artistes in the music industry and her participation was hard to ignore.

Aramide’s recent single, ‘Feeling This Feeling’  portrays the artistic side of the vivacious singer. Undeniably she is the new generation Sade Adu loaded with an exceptional spice that differs her music from the rest.

She recently walked into the FAB office for a little chat about her career, lifestyle and most importantly cleared the air on her recent exit from the Trybe Records.


How did it start with music? At what point in your life did you decide music was the perfect choice

Music started for me when I was a kid, my daddy used to listen to a lot of soul and jazz music growing up and somehow I got inspired. Initially it was a hobby and gradually it became a passion for me so I would say music started for me a long time ago although professionally I would say it started about three years ago.

What inspires the lyrics to your music?

Basically my life, the society, stuffs that I read about and different things around me.

Tell us about your childhood, how was growing up like for you?

 Like I said earlier, my dad has always been a music person, my dad is a James brown person, so I picked that along the line. The environment also enhanced my talent because I grew up in Jos, and everyone knows Jos is a music town, a music city and I can say Jos itself actually helped me nurture the talents I had.

We have noticed that the successful artists in the industry hailed from the north such as MI, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, Praiz and you,  So what is it with artists from the north? Is there any secret we need to know about the north?

Well, I get that question a lot but the truth is that I don’t know. I know that Jos encourages talents not just music, even basketball, acting and any other thing that has to do with entertainment Jos encourages. I think it might be because it is a small town and a lot of people know themselves so there is no form of class segregation every one is the same. o there is this bond between everybody in Jos and it is just sweet.

What are the challenges or glitches female artists deal with in the music industry?

 The challenges women go through in the industry are almost the same like what the guys also go through, the challenges would always be there for any artist so I cannot say this is what it is, I think the challenges are inevitable for every artist. I think the industry is getting better.

Some people describe music as a tool for change, what particular song have you written to enhance change in the situation of Nigeria?

Aramide: I have written a lot of songs and I think I have a couple of songs that would speak to people directly to change their lives but I don’t have them out yet, hopefully in the near future.


Who are your favourite icons in the music industry?

India Arie, Billy Ray, Michael Jackson, 2Face, Asha and Banky W.

How will you describe your sense of style?

My style is very simple and expressive I am just a jean and t-shirt kind of person and I wear my natural hair most times.

How has life been after Star Quest competition in 2006? Did it create a lot of opportunities for you in the music industry?

After Star Quest, I went back to school but before then I had the opportunity to come back to Lagos for a few recordings so I met a lot of people. I met Ayo Bankole then I did a couple of songs with him and it ignited my interest in music. Star Quest made it known to me as a person that this was what I wanted to do and I would really say it has opened a lot of doors for me in terms of meeting people and being sure of what I wanted.

What is the perfect relaxation mood for Aramide? How do you unwind?

I am very boring actually, but I like going to Churascos because of the water scenery, I also like to watch movies in the cinema when the crowd is less so I go there at night.

What other places do you like to chill?

This might sound funny but I like going to clubs. Initially it was not my scene but now I really love clubbing and any hangout spot that has water.

Your new single ‘Feeling This Feeling’ was released this month, how do you anticipate the track will be received by your fans?

The reception so far has been good and I just pray it would get better, you know I really hope the music spreads far beyond my expectations, so people can expect more from me. ‘Feeling This Feeling’ is supposed to define who I really am as an artist.

 Have you been receiving comments from fans about ‘Feeling This Feeling’?

Aramide: I receive a lot of tweets everyday concerning the song and have been doing interviews and all that, you know a lot people thought that aramide is a ballad singer so when I came up with this song, people appreciated it which is very encouraging for me as an artist.

Please set the record straight, we know you were signed alongside Eva Allordiah and others to the Trybe records, the talks have been that you are no longer with the record label is that true?

Yes I am no longer with Trybe Records.

Is there any particular reason why you left?

I had to leave because my contract expired.

What specific time did you leave?

I can’t say, I had to clarify a lot of things last year that is why I didn’t release a lot of music so I cannot say this is when I left, but I left to start up my something for myself and I think it is important.

FAB-Magazine-Aramide-FAB-Exclusive-001So when did you come up with your own record label?

Before I signed into Trybe Records I always wanted to have this ‘Arrymoore Music’ thing going on so it all started before I joined Trybe Records.


So what are your plans for Arrymoore Music?

The focus is going to be basically on me as the artist for me to get my music out there, for people to know me, understand the music. from there we’ll see where it leads us.

Have you though of signing other people?

I think that is the mistake other people make. You have to set my foot on the solid ground first before thinking of bringing other people in so they don’t think you are selfish.

 What kind of music do you like listening to?

I listen to every style of music but of recent I have been listening to a lot of R & B and a little of soul music like Frank Ocean, Miguel, I love Beyoncé’s album too and India Arie’s album because it reminds me of where I want to be.

What would you like to tell your fans?

I would say Aramide this year is going to be everywhere. If you turn your TV you would see me, if you turn on your radio you would hear me, if you open your magazine or newspaper you would see me and I’m going to be everywhere by the grace of God and I will release a lot of videos this year so just expect more and please keep supporting me. God bless everybody.

‘Its Over’

‘Today Na Today’

Feeling This Feeling’

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