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  • FAB Exclusive: iROCK Tribes of Africa Red Carpet, Hosts and Guests

    Tribes of Africa by iROCK proved to be one of the most exclusive fashion fundraisers of the year bringing together 200 guests and some distinguished guests of honour such as Nigerian media mogul Ben Murray-Bruce, Zambian property tycoon Caroline Marsh and CNN 2009 Global Hero Betty Makoni under one roof, namely that of The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in the heart of London.

    We brought you the images from the runway all week long and as we near the end of the week, of course we had to bring you images from the red carpet to give you a glimpse of the movers and shakers in their glad rags ROCKing the iROCK red carpet.

    Betty Makoni - image: SubySinem

    Mutsa Mandizha wearing Nkwo image: SubySinem

    Mutsa Mandizha with Ben Murray-Bruce image: Bright Gurupira

    Lesly Dube and Charlene Mukuzvazva image: Bright Gurupira

    Mutsa Mandizha, Julius Reuben, Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo image: Bright Gurupira

    Betty Makoni with Sinem image: Bright Gurupira

    Anita (Anita Quansah London), Christine (Chichia London), Natasha Branch-Davis image: Bright Gurupira

    Viola Ncube wearing VIP Designs with Adebayo Jones image: Bright Gurupira

    Ben Murray-Bruce with Viola Ncube Image: SubySinem

    Ben Murray-Bruce with Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo Image: SubySinem

    Glorianne Francis Image:SubySinem

    Sinem wears Tina Lobondi (dress) and Anita Quansah (necklace) Image: SubySinem

    Joanne Chew Image: SubySinem

    Crystal Deroche with the OK! Nigeria team Image: SubySinem

    Tari and guests

    Viola Ncube with Guests Image: SubySinem

    Betty Makoni and Viola Ncube Image: Bright Gurupira


    Pride's Shevelle Rhule with Sinem Image: Bright Gurupira

    FAB's Maria Bamgboye Image: Bright Gurupira

    Catwalk choreographer extra-ordinaire Julius Reuben Image: Bright Gurupira

    Zimbabwe Achievers Awards CEO Conrad Mwanza Image: Bright Gurupira

    Pindy Mandizha and Conrad Mwanza Image: Bright Gurupira

    Viola Ncube, Lance Guma, Betty Makoni

    Linda Bekoe and Viola Ncube Image: Simon Williams

    Guests Image: Simon Williams

    Inside the hall Image: Bright Gurupira

    Inside the hall Image: SubySinem

    Bright Gurupira – Illustrations Photography www.illustrations-photography.com
    Simon Williams – SHW Photography /www.shwphotography.com
    SubySinem www.subysphoto.com


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