Eku Edewor is no doubt, the happiest girl in the world. She and her twin, Kessiana Edewor-Thorley are a year older today.

Eku who told FAB how much she enjoyed her big birthday celebration last year says she intends to keep it quiet this time around, whilst still appreciating the day for what it represents for herself and sister Kessiana.

Both sisters who are of Nigerian/British nationality are two of a kind. Kessiana and Eku look forward to a small celebration and what Eku defines as a “quiet”celebration this year is a time out with close friends and loved ones at the Paper Night Club this Friday. Want to be there? You’ve got to be a close friend, then.

The MNET 53 extra host also shared 2 of the topmost birthday wishes on her mind, stating “continued health and happiness for my family and friends” as the first and “a better 2013 for Nigeria and the industry”.

A loud amen to those beautiful wishes and have a wonderful, wonderful celebration, girls!

Covering Mania Magazine

Covering Mania Magazine

Tell us which fun photos of the twins you love best.

Don’t also forget to send in your Happy Birthday wishes to these cuties to make their day.

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