On Saturday 26 May 2012, in front of 200 strong exclusive guest, Vienna-based Nigerian label Ayo van Elmar showcased their Elmar’s Autumn Winter Collection 2012.

Previously showcased at the London Fashion Week, the collection is infused in sensitivity to the state of turmoil and lamentation in the northern areas of Ayo’s beloved country – a tribute, per se, to the blast victims and their families and a reminder that the voice of humanity and reason, though temporarily silenced by a storm of ignorance and violence, will eventually triumph over barbarism.

Each creation is a magic shield which carries supernatural refuge and kindles hope for a more perfect and peaceful union. A powerful incantation of protection against intolerance, hatred and bloodshed. And a song of prayer for Nigeria.

As models glided down the runway bare feet, with ropes around their ankles, Kufi caps adorned with burning incense sticks, we couldn’t help but feel the calm in the room. Dinner forgotten, cutlery cast aside, all eyes were on the poignant creations with a more poignant message of unity and peace.

Elmar of Ayo van Elmar

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