“If you educate a man you simply educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family”- Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey. In this contemporary world women turn to milk their homes, they move mountains, they achieve greatness and they inspire across board. In my few years on earth I have come to believe that, that saying which goes “a woman’s place is the kitchen” is gradually fading out or better still exists no more.

woman 2.1

Women are getting more educated and competing with their fellow men. You may realise that, woman nowadays have taken the forefront of leadership in some economies and are achieving enormously. A friend once said “as for me I will go all out to empower women in whatever way I find it deem-fit”…i replied by saying ….”hmm, have you finished empowering your kind”…I said. Within some few months, I heard the whole buzz about that dream which he had in mind turn into fruition and seriously, i beg to differ that, it was the right decision to uphold and to change the scope of the young lady who in her way is sometimes or most at times deterred to go all out to achieve greatness.

Benjamin Gregory Aggrey an ultrapreneur in Ghana conceptualize the Woman 2.1 Summit from his passion to empower ladies to be confident, competitive and to aspire to be achievers. He therefore made this platform a feminine centered focus whereby women achievers in all diverse fields come together under one big umbrella to share their success stories and also mentor girls. I am very proud to say that, its been a journey far won and this summit has transform lives and has come to stay as a big platform for ladies in Ghana now and the world in the near future.

2.1This year’s Woman 2.1 Summit 2013 is being held under the theme ‘Unleash Your Power’ will be held on October 18 and 19, 2013 at the National Theatre. A great battalion of women achievers will be speaking at this year’s event some personalities are; Charlotte Gustavsson, Chief Executive Officer of Viasat 1 Ghana, Sefa Gohoho, CEO of Songhai Africa Group, Constance Swaniker, CEO of Accents & Arts, Eunice Ijeoma Aku Ogbugo, CEO of Eugo Terrano, Uche Ofodile, Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone Ghana, Ellen Hagan, CEO of L’Aine Services and a host of sterling women with excellence.

Grab your tickets now from http://www.woman21summit.org/register/





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