Banner_Oct 8_LOTTTaught by his grandfather, Seprewa player & singer Osei Kwame Korankye has been playing the instrument since the age of 12. He is internationally recognised as a Seprewa virtuoso who continually makes efforts to re-popularize the Seprewa via performance and academic research. Akin to the kora, the Seprewa is an ancient African instrument with an earthy, fresh and delicate sound. Once vital in the early days of highlife, the Ghanaian instrument was almost forgotten after the introduction of the guitar to West Africa.

At 7pm on Tuesday 8th October, Live on the Terrace will be filled with the beautiful sounds of a rare and remarkable instrument. Guests will also appreciate Osei Kwame’s tales of the Seprewa’s origins and journey. Like the Asante Atumpan drums, the Seprewa is literally able to “speak” by imitating the tonal contours of the Twi language.

Villa Monticello’s extended Happy Hour closes at 8pm every Tuesday. Indulge in specials including 2 for 1 cocktails, GHC 3.00 beers and delicious meals from the exquisite 1A menu. For table reservations, contact 0244 662 692. And for more information on the event email: .

 As we like to say, “Gidi Gidi b3 mli!”. We’ll save you a seat.


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