What’s popping FAB people? The Lagos Fashion and Design week is over but I’m still going to be bringing you highlights from the four day event. Day 4 was the grand finale of the fashion show and boy did it close big! One of the designers on that day was Kiki Kamanu and you’ll see from the pictures of her collection that she brought her A-game.


Her  mission is to introduce the beauty and versatility of fabrics from far flung locations especially Nigeria beyond the continent, and also to dress the fashion leader from day to evening wear and from business meeting to cocktail party – all the while maintaining his and her unique look. Ordinary? Never! Unique? Always!


FAB Observations: A lot of the outfits had an oriental look and feel, while some made you want to fly to Waikiki and drink coconut juice on the beach in Hawaii; very tropical. She did not hold back with her use of colours which were bursting out from every angle of her designs. Prominent in her collection are big colourful hats and bags, leopard prints, flowery designs and oriental attires. These dresses are definitely designed for you to make a statement, you won’t go unnoticed in anyone of them.



Photos by Persnickety Media




















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