A new male pageant competition would be hitting the country this June. The Mr. Universe Nigeria Contest is one of the biggest contemporary showcases in Nigeria and their aim is to select the ‘super talents’ who will spread their wings in the fashion & entertainment industry. The event will be held in Lagos between 4th and 9th June 2012. It will see 25 of Nigeria’s sexiest and most intelligent men representing different geographical locations of the country.







The Mr. Universe Nigeria contest is an event that combines a male pageantry and supermodel search to create a super talent competition for discovering future national personalities such as film-stars, models, businessmen, spokesmen and performers. Santiago Roberts, initiator of the contest has made it clear that the event which is encapsulated by its motto ‘for the glamour, for the purpose, for the nation’ has been strategically designed not just to add value to the contestants but also for them, in the long run, to become a force to reckon with both here in Nigeria and in the diaspora.



The Contestants would be in camp for a week before the competition starts. The host city of the Mr. Universe Nigeria Contest Finale is Lagos. The grand finale will be promoted by leading broadcasting networks in the country as well as through other global networks and the event is expected to be witnessed by about 50 million viewers around the world. It would also be broadcasted through the webcam network EarthCam , a network that provides 99% of the live broadcasts of the world. The top winning contestants will be given opportunities to represent Nigeria at international contests and also to represent top national/multinational brands as ambassadors and spokespersons. Cash prizes as well as consolation prizes would be available for contestants. In addition to these, they would also have the opportunity to be coached by top producers/scouts to become top/super models, movie performers etc.

The event is made possible by QHUE CONCEPTS [a top events management & PR brand] and Urbanmen.net an online magazine for men and the women that love them.

For more info about the contest and how to enter, visit www.mruniversenigeria.com


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    Hey there sexy looking brother, what’s up?

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    Looking at this great looking specimen, what would I want with a damn caucasian man?


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