#fghshop hit Accra on July 7 with so much good prospect for the fashion and lifestyle industry in Ghana. The festival which is the first of more exciting events to hit Ghana and beyond as indicated by the organisers FASHIONISTAGH and its partners.The event came off inside the  Ghana International trade Fair Center at The Plaice Event center just close to the Round pavilion.

The shopping festival saw thousands of patrons who love Ghana and Made in Ghana goods. The future looks so bright for Ghana fashion and the lifestyle industry since majority of patrons sampled where the young and trendy individuals around the age segment of 20 – 30 years which gives the industry a lot of hope and prospects as far as the industry’s growth is concern. There were a lot to buy from the FABulous designers and lifestyle brands at the venue. Most of the owners of the various brands where also available to grant audience to clients, the media and aspiring young designers who are emulating them.

One of the foremost designers in Ghana, Greg Kankoh of NALLEM CLOTHING  had this to say ” this is great, wish there are more of such events, to help promote Ghanaian designers and lifestyle brands. I believe anytime, I will be available to support and be part of such initiatives anytime they are on. Don’t hesitate to come back and knock at my door”.

On exhibition at the #fghshop were Fabulous beads, hats, shoes, bags and jewellery to clothes of all designs, the event was simply a delightful one stop shop for the young and trendy Ghanaian man or woman. The brands which where on hand exhibiting were Nallem Clothing, Siatta Jeans, Aika Clothing, Ivanna Elle Couture, Ajepomaa Designs, BDI by Amitibey,B’venaj Clothing, Manise Designs, Poqua, N’Kya designs, Prekese Mall, Afro Mod Trends, Bongani Jewels, Sa4a, Yede Beads, Nuna Couture, Tony Black Couture, Hatsoff, mSIMPs, Enaj Bijou, DT Clothing, Body Butter Co,Dapper Collections, INKA Accessories, MGL Products, Clip Hair Accessories, Akataasia Clothing and many more.

#fghshop was proudly brought to you by Jameson and The Plaice Event centre. Information reaching me indicates that #fghshop is coming to Lagos, Nigeria in October 2012. Can’t wait to have that feeling again.

Please don’t hesitate to contact FASHIONISTAGH to sponsor their events and participate in their events at [email protected]  or +233 302787602, +233 243 537455

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  1. Michelle Spice

    I love the fashion, jewelry and bags…. Vibrant and full of spunk!


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