Hey FAB  ladies and gents! Hope you had a great weekend? The Lagos Fashion and Design Week took place last week for 4 full days of style, glamour and plenty ooohs and aaaahs of spectator’s delight. Heres what happened on Day 3.





Part of the magic of Amede’s clothing is that she designs almost all her own fabrics, so that you are often wearing a true original. She designs with a wide variety of  fabrics, from chiffon to cotton, linen to brocade, jersey, silk and satin.

FAB observations: Her Ethnic Collection showcased a lot of colorful, flowing and loose fitting dresses and gowns that looked very African. A lot of the patterns seemed to be made through tie and dye and other African textile design methods. The models looked comfortable and free but also elegant and unique, rocking beads and hand made accessories. They also had shorts, leggings and loose trousers with an eclectic mix of colours. The collection seems to cater to the less informal and more expressive woman in terms of colour and style.



Grey focuses on quality, yet affordable women’s wear made and retailed in Nigeria. They design Ready To Wear clothing for work, weekends, and a small offering for formal events.

FAB Observations: Their collection looked very practical and stayed true to their objectives of ready to wear clothing. A lot of simple but glamorous looking outfits mostly with single colours and great cuts. Short evening dresses with lots of frills, formal office wear with bright colours. Some others were easy flowing dresses with lots of panache and a number of local fabrics were used. The models looked dashing in the accessories and beads. On the whole, I got the impression that Grey’s collection offers outfits that a regular working woman can slip into and feel great while Divas and entertainers can also revel in the comfort and simplicity that they offer.





According to Kelechi; this is a collection for a man who lives his life confidently and with irreverence, accidently collecting acolytes along the way.

FAB Observations: An all male affair, the outfits were casual, relaxed and colourful, maybe even tropical. The models paraded unbuttoned suit jackets, rolled-up pants and slip-ons, conveying a sense of freedom and somewhat carefree demeanour. The collection also featured loose fitting dashiki type tops with bright colours, patterned waist coats, caps and sleeveless V-neck T-shirts. The designer played a lot with floral colours especially cream and orange and the models looked pretty comfortable and laid back in the outfits. This collection seems to target the independent, bold and leader-type man who does his own thing and calls the tune.




Jewel by Lisa uses the highest quality Ankara frequently mixed with fabrics as wide ranging as taffeta, linen, cotton, chiffon, chantilly lace, and silk.

FAB Observations: The collection which is called Vintage Love, seems to call the bold and daring by their first names. The collection invents new styles into African female dress sense, introducing into her ensembles caps that look like the ones worn by men but with a little twist, while still looking feminine. The outfits were very colourful and flowery and they included long and short checkered gowns with a crazy selection of  colours, shiny sequined skirts, shorts and tops. She also had in the collection hand made clutch bags made with colourful beads.





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