This year Shell held another of its staff African Network expo at their London HQ.

Myself and other team FAB members attended to rep FAB magazine along with other African and Caribbean exhibitors to promote at the Shell Network Expo, the event which is over 3days offers it’s over 2000 employees to celebrate their staff African Network.




After checking through security we then had to unfortunately endure a 20min health and safety video, which I can only describe as grueling and even had a mini test after to ensure you had been concentrating, no doubt the FAB team passed with flying colours! We were then directed to our stall which we set up quite fabulous if I do say so myself.

Staff on their way to the cafeteria or the company gym stopped to admire the stalls and buy art, fashion, furnishings and of course, our new FABulous magazine.

The FAB team also couldn’t help in trying some of the delights of the African and Caribbean food samples that were on offer.


One of the many African and Caribbean exhibitors


Shell employees checking out the new FAB magazine power issue


The tasty ‘hot chilli pot’ that we were simply loving!


FAB Creative Director Suby sample tasting...Its a hard job but someone as to do it.


FABulous Jummi purchasing the yummy ‘hot chillie pot’


Shell employee – LOVING your style!


Check back again with us tomorrow on how we get on.

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