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The Schon Afrique fashion show powered by MTN is upon us again. This strictly by invitation event is scheduled for 27 December 2012 at the prestigious Eko Hotel Expo Hall. The show presents again this year, legendary designer Folake Majin and her two designer daughters as they showcase three separate collections in one night.

All three designers have had a great year with Miss Majin and GM4Fm becoming one of the fastest selling new brands and also showcasing in London during the 2012 Olympics.

The show will feature 3 collections:
1) The Diamond Collection by Folake Majin
2) The Midnight Rainbow by Miss Majin
3) The Earth Collection by GM4FM

Of the Diamond collection, Folake Majin said, “The Diamond collection is not just about the bling factor. It’s about beautiful clothes that endure and stand the test of time. It’s the “forever” factor; the cut, the fit and the integrity of the design.”

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Miss Majin said of her Midnight Rainbow collection, “The rainbow is actually a continuum of colours from red to violet and even beyond the colors that the eye can see. I’ve always loved spotting a rainbow in the sky and I’ve always wanted to spot one at midnight. This reality and fantasy has inspired my current collection ‘Midnight Rainbow'”

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Of her Earth Collection, GM4FM’s Gogo Majin said, “The inspiration for the ‘Earth Collection came from some of my favourite elements/experiences on the earth and mother nature. I wanted to create a collection that was a mix of girly, structured but very feminine pieces, using fabrics like duchess satin, African print, silk chiffon, leather and old vintage Aso-Oke.”

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