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Unsung Heroine project is devoted to the celebration and appreciation of the success of women in our society which was launched on 7 March, 2014 at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island.

The project’s sole aim is to provide the opportunity for women in the society who have continually been ignored and neglected to gain recognition for their achievements and strides. The project will run for a year and the campaign organizers will visit various states of the Federation through villages and communities in search of women doing remarkably well in their various communities.

Visionary and project coordinator of the project; Bayo Omoboriowo said,

“Nigeria women have exceptional stories. These women are fabric of society today, without whom we won’t be seated here today. I was amazed when I met a woman whom from the little profits she makes from the sale of bottled drinks, has been able to train her kids in schools outside the country.”

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Dr Mrs Obiageli Ezekwesili speaking at the event added that “Quality education for the girl child is not just as a tool for transforming them into human capital, but as a means of making them very effective decision makers .When women are able to make decisions effectively it has a very high collateral positive effect in the society and community she belongs to”.

Guests at the event included Princess Funmi Tejuosho (Chairman Lagos State House of Assembly Committee on Finance), Benni Uche( Public Affairs Unit US Embassy), Ace Photographer Aisha Augie-Kuta, Waje, Wana Udoabang, Osayi Oruene (Chairperson WIMBIZ), Pamela Schwoll  (Wife of the United States Ambassador to Nigeria), Adebola Williams,Founding Partner Red Media Africa amongst many others.

View pictures of the event below:

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  1. Michelle Spice

    I love the recognition and celebration of my African women. We need to do more of this for all our life filled contributions on mother earth; let me ask this pertinent question, why do we Africans always want to include the caucasians in our midst when they never readily accepts us in their midst especially when they are giving honor and glory to each other?


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