Welcome to that time of the year where the Nigerian music industry heads and stake holders come together to party under one roof, to share ideas, laughs, contacts and strengthen business relationships.

On JUNE 22 (Friday) by 9pm, the prestigious MUSIC INDUSTRY CORPORATE LEAGUE PARTY  is opening its doors, this event is a strictly by invitation event, to host all hard working music blogger, artiste, video director, web admin, graphic artiste, photographers, producers, studio engineers, managers and every person playing a role in the music industry. Taking place  at Shauntz Lounge (Morphis Plaza) Sanusi Fafunwa Street, VI, Close to eko hotels roundabout. This event aims to bring everyone together to share common ideas and to build a network for business, this beyond a regular party it’s also a concert and a mini convention for the music industry.


Expect to meet great Nigerians in the music business, which helps a music entrepreneur meet new clients or gain a business edge and also “The envelope” containing directories to contacts you need in the music business.


This is the package every guest takes home; it’s an envelope containing (ITPS CD, Music Industry Yellow Pages and Service Documentation and Promotional Gifts inside)


Guest receives their invitations by SMS or E-MAIL. If you would like to be a part of this event, please send a mail to:  with subject: MHGC JUNE 22

For record labels, music service providers and organization that works around the music industry that wants to be a part of this event should visit mail: with subject: MHGC PARTICIPANT JUNE 22. The mail should contain details of what you do and what way do you want to participate in the event.

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