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Pink Pearl Foundation’s “Living Funeral” a heart touching film full of love, passion and breathtaking emotional moments is set to premiere to the public at the esteemed Wheatbaker Hotel on the 27th of October 2013.

The VVIP red carpet event is a special presentation of Pink Pearl Foundation’s grand gesture to showcase its effort to further promote the knowledge of breast and cervical cancer as well as its dedication to empowering women.

The short film executively produced by the CEO of Pink Pearl Foundation, Orode Ryan-Okpu captures the life of a cancer patient – the detection, the challenges and survival through the experience with family and friends. ‘Living Funeral is our way of expressing how sensitive Breast Cancer is to our society, making this movie created a sustainable way to raise awareness for breast cancer, not just in Nigeria but across Africa and the World’ says Ryan-Okpu.

The Family - Liz Ameye (Benson), Nobert Young and the childrenFor the millions that share no knowledge and the few living with the disease, Living Funeral demonstrates how to survive as a cancer patient and how to support someone living with it; it also reveals that not enough money can keep a victim alive like the compassion from family and companions.
The Patient - Stephanie WilsonCelebrating the annual October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the 20-minute film will make the special presentation available to an exclusive audience. An additional campaign advert featuring celebrities such as Jay Jay Okocha, Richard Mofe-Damijo and many more will also be shown.

Living Funeral features veteran Nollywood actors such as Liz Ameye (Benson), Nobert Young and directed by Udoka Oyeka who co-wrote the story with Akpor Kagho. “Telling a story on cancer would be a sad one, I had to look for a way to wrap up those emotions in beautiful ‘motion pictures’ to at least try and lighten the mood. So I focused on giving a good story and the aesthetics of the film to achieve that” says Udoka Oyeka.

Watch the movie trailer below:

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