The BRIT awards, often tagged as the UK Grammy’s, is an annual pop music award ceremony prominent for controversial moments and iconic performances.


Daft Punk at the Grammys

Just as we predicted in the nominations, the funky DJ duo, Daft Punk won the Best International Group award for their outstanding performance in hit tack, ‘Get Lucky’. The masked DJs were absent at the ceremony sending two masked persons to receive their award. Both acts are finally earning the recognition they deserve after 16 long years of persistence after the first Brits debut, it is no news the distinct DJs were given the prize.

One Direction singer, Harry Styles ran to the stage after a quick visit to the restroom almost missing out on the spotlight moment. He opened up to the crowd after dashing onto the stage, ”Sorry, I was having a wee, the toilets are ages away”. The singers received the Global Success Award for the second time time in a row.


Harry Styles running to the stage

Topping the performances of the evening was Beyonce’s surprise ‘XO’ performance. She seems to be in the mood for surprises as she delivered the ballad beautifully arousing cheers from the audience. The solemn performance was unlike the Grammys’ Drunk In Love steaming performance with hubby, Jay Z.


Beyonce performing ‘XO’



17 year old Lorde, took the stage to perform ‘Royals’ and another pleasing duet with Disclosure. According to reports, Disclosure and the Lorde didn’t practice until that day however, the performance was impressive. In 2013, the New Zealand performer was topping the chat with singles, ‘Royals and Tennis Court’ now she has emerged the winner of the Best International Female Solo artist with no contention, the young artist is a standout musician.




17 year old Lorde giving a speech at the BRITS

David Bowie won the Best British Male prize but didn’t turn up to receive his award sending Kate Moss in his place. She showed up dressed as Bowie in an original Ziggy Stardust costume he wore to his 1972 Costume Concert. receiving the award, Kate said, ”Stay with us Scotland” awkwardly short for an acceptance speech don’t you think?


Kate Moss


“Stay with us Scotland” says Kate

Topping the chart of controversial, was James Corden (host of the  award ceremony) and Nick Grimshaw, Radio 1 DJ Nick who took to the stage to present an award and James rushed to give him a kiss. Nick did not hold back, instead he wrapped his arms around James to reciprocate.


James and Nick snogging at the Brits 2014

What do you think about the kiss?

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  1. mamalet

    the church does not support man on man activities o, 14yrs according to nigeria

  2. Fabfan

    their should be freedom of choice,not that i support the kiss tho, i wonder…especially when there are beautiful women all around.


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