In a bid to celebrate Black History month and address issues pertaining to black and ethnic minority women in the UK, iROCK!UK have organised a workshop for the black girl/woman, dedicated to motivate, elevate, honour and celebrate the ‘everyday Black woman’.

Despite the great accompliments by black women in the UK, there are still that lingering doubts and issues of identity, self-worth, and the doubt on whether one deserves success.
In dealing with these issues, iROCK!UK has carefully chosen the following topics to be discussed on the workshop:

a). Are we our own enemy?
b). My self esteem
c). Personal finance
  d). Career opportunities

“These issues may seem like petty to some but, they affect deeply many Black women, especially the younger ones like myself. We talk about these amongst ourselves and watch shows where Black Americans discuss these topics but never have the courage to challenge the society or ourselves here”, says Haja Bally 28, who is also an iROCK! UK mentee.

As always also, young people will have the opportunity to network with professionals from various fields in business.

iROCK! UK is a social enterprise providing the platform to challenge many issues that seem quite taboo among Black women in the UK.  iROCK! UK, creates the safe environment to openly debate these issues. Their programmes not only provide youpeople with mentoring support, but also help in securing them work placement and employment opportunities.

From now iROCK! will be hosting monthly workshops for the next consecutive 6 months. For more information on this event or any of the up coming event click here

DATE: 27/10/2012
TIME: 11AM-2PM    VENUE: The Lift Islington Youth hub

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2 Responses

  1. Michelle Spice

    Afrikan women young and old does have it harder! Remember the shitsystem was not designed for us but yet we still want to force ourselves to fit in!

    We have so many issue from A-Z and in between but we refuse to acknowledge or accept them to work on them to build a more aware and conscious nation. I can go on an on but I will leave it at this when you don’t know yourself nor love yourself you are left at risk for every any attacks.

    We never acknowledged and got together to fix our issues as a people as far as I can remember. Some of the older generation tried in the diaspora but the younger ones got assimilated and forgot the struggles and conformed! To what I don’t know but the longest liver will see the most! Change will come willingly or unwillingly!


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