tweeart-achara-fusion-abujaAbuja is getting ready for a compelling overview of a visually arresting collection of multi-genre art by emerging artists on Thursday, 23 January 2013 at Achara Fusion Theatre. TweeArt (The Artist and His Medium) exhibition features paintings, textile, sculpture, photography and performance curated by the Creative Director of AFT to contribute to this creative zeitgeist.

Each piece of the exhibition is united by the brevity of execution. Much like Twitter has taught us to say it in 140 characters and spaces or less, these artists excel at projecting an undiminished artistic voice while working in small and medium scale. This exhibition also features works of Masters like Canada’s famous Group of Seven whose works continue to influence schools of painting today.

With a little over ten days left to the exhibition launch, we bring you seven reasons why you have got to visit the TweeArt exhibition, and if at the end you are convinced you have got to be there, we’ve also got a little surprise for you.

A.Y. Jackson

7 Reasons you should come to the TweeArt exhibition:

1. Be inspired

Life, death, passion, and beauty – every work of art tells a story.

2. Learn about art

Get in-depth perspective on the pieces that make up the exhibition.

3. Relax

Take time out; escape from the city into a work of art.

4. Meet & Greet

Grab a glass of wine in the heart of Abuja – Bamboo House, #3 Salt Lake Street, Maitama.

5. Shop

The art of shopping. Most of the art on display is for sale and what better time to add to your art collection or start building one.

6. Get creative

Brush up your skills, create your own masterpiece. Sign up for our art workshops.

7. Get Lucky!

Win a stunning coffee table art tome in our raffle draw.

Interested? We’ve got 7 pairs of tickets to give away. The first seven people from Abuja, Nigeria to retweet this link will win a pair of tickets each to attend TweeArt.

Thursday, January 23 2014

Bamboo House — 3 Salt Lake Street, Maitama

11:45am Educational Tour

6:30 pm Exhibition

7:00 pm Raffle Draw


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