Life is a beautiful journey full of happy, happy things along the way: beautiful memories, lovely people, wonderful smiles, honest opinions. Take a look at these suggestions that will help add spice to your already wonderful journey.

The people and things you need along the way

A Spiritual Book

You need a spiritual book to help shield you from certain pitfalls. A Book, because you can connect with the Supreme Creator – its Author. My Bible is my Spiritual Book. I’m refreshed by constantly reading it. It helps me maintain a fantastic relationship with my Maker and I take on practical lessons about daily living from it.


If you don’t have a Best Friend Forever, you should consider having one. I know friendship is earned, not bought, so take steps in that direction. Learn to invest in people you consider worth your while; people you would want to maintain stable relationships with. Your motives for being in the relationship should be pure not manipulative. Have a BFF. If your BFF is a guy, get a second BFF who’s female because guys are great, really, but they simply are that – guys. There are things a guy will just not understand. There’s girl talk. How well can he fit into that? Imagine going to the salon and asking your BFF (who’s a guy) to accompany you. I doubt he’ll sit in there with you with all the ladies and their chit chat activity – except of course, he’s gay. Besides, girls want to talk about guys especially when they are not listening.


You should have one that is an all time favorite read. I say at least one in case you haven’t cultivated the habit of reading. You can. You can go from that one book to as many. You’ll be amazed how broad your view of life will be. I have books that have left an impression on my life. The impacts will never go away – whether or not I have the books with me. You need great books that will sharpen you.


Movies, teach, inform, educate and let you into the thoughts, lives and cultures of people from diverse backgrounds. Even though you are not a movie freak, find one you can relate and connect with. There are lessons imparted on me when I sit to a brilliant movie that I almost don’t get anywhere else.


Music is the food of the soul. Have a playlist that describes your personality. You love different genres which is great. Get them on your list. They lift you up when you’re down, boost your confidence and add color to your already happy day. Get the right kind of music on your player, ones that have positive messages. You’ll be glad you did.

A diary

You need a diary – apart from putting in the things that are most personal to you – to document your every blessing. This diary should also contain the not-so-good experiences of life; the good, the bad and ugly times of your life, times you’ve been pained and stories of triumph. Only don’t overemphasize the ugly aspects. When you look through this much later, you’ll develop an attitude of gratitude – which is a necessary ingredient in life for joyful living – and see that future hurdles can also be overcome.

A cookery book

My, oh my; no matter how busy your life is, you should learn to cook more than just a few dishes well. Whether or not you do, buy yourself a cookery book or borrow Mom’s. Some ‘ancient’ dishes in there will wow you. Develop your culinary abilities as you’re not sure what time of the year you’ll need to find a secret route to your man’s heart. You’ll find your skills most helpful then.

A role model

Just like every boy needs his daddy, every girl needs a mentor. No matter how much we have come of age, we still look to select persons who have more wealth of experience and exposure in just about everything we intend to achieve in life. Standing on their shoulders will keep you from repeating the same mistakes they made.

Social networking

You might have your doubts about this one but it’s important you connect with people outside of the circle of family and friends. Networking is a powerful tool for advancement. You need to go out there and meet people; different people with diverse perspectives. That’s one way to live.

A photo album

Every girl needs this one. Photographs bring memories. Make those memories precious. Looking through your photo album can inspire you to make life-changing decisions like settling a score with an acquaintance of yours over misunderstanding at your best friend’s party. Pictures hold more power than we can tell. They help you cherish your relationship with your friends, colleagues, everyone. Pictures speak louder than words. There’s not one lie contained in that single statement.

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