Blondie Bennett is a 38 year old Californian who is undergoing hypnotherapy sessions to reduce her IQ so she can become all plastic! Blondie underwent chin liposuction, Botox, breast implants and spray tans to achieve the perfect Barbie doll figure. Bennett was reported to have spent £25,000 in surgery to achieve the breast size of 32JJ.

All surgeries have been funded by her online sugar daddies, who also pay her rent in exchange for sexy and sensual pictures of her dressed up as Barbie.

Blondie also bleached her hair to achieve the branded blonde mane. The most terrifying of them all is that she has commenced sessions once a week to make her more plastic and empty in reasoning.


She told Metro she had experienced 20 therapy sessions and started to feel dizzy and confused all the time. She also shared some of her experiences when she was lost and forgetful, “I want people to see me as a plastic sex doll – and being brainless is a big part of that.” The barbie wanna be admits to getting lost on her way to her mother’s home where she grew up in.

When people ask why I want to be Barbie, I think, “Who wouldn’t want to be? She has the best life. All she does is shop and make herself look pretty – she doesn’t worry about anything.” Blondie said.




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  1. Michelle Spice

    Is this what Africa wants African women to look like or mimic?

    Well this is really and truly sad and I think you can use this magazines time and resource to cover things that are appropriate to African peoples! She is a old whore with no brains nor value! She looks like a old run down bus and have no abiding city! She has no value to society nor any legacy to leave for her young caucasian women of her culture.

    As the Ugandian president last night on media let them do what they want in their country as long as they don’t impose their behavior or try to bring that to africa everything is and will be fine. We have mothers, grandmother, aunts, cousins etc to model from that have customary values and are clean and decent!

    This is valuable information for the rest of the world to know, she is old now and washed up and have not done anything progressive for the american society at large! Look at her and make your own analogy of what the american culture and society is all about!


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