Anyone New York City’s  Prohibition Entertainment is excited to bring you TRAEDONYA! aka ”Bride of New Funk Hip Opera” who’s introducing her artwork for her debut digital EP ”High Fructose Corn Syrup” to everyone.

2013 is just one great year with so many opportunities and offers, don’t you think? And the beauty about it? It’s just started.

TRAEDONYA!’s most recent offering, ”I’ll give it 2 u” remixes went viral all over the internet and the past 18 months, they have been featued on over 150 blogs and music related sites. Also 3 videos for the remixes have secured over 300, 000 views. And TRAEDONYA! isn’t stopping there as there will be even more exciting things this artiste will be bringing on board. You only have to watch out for them as we’re sure to keep you updated.

Watch the Lthrboots Remix of “I’ll Give It To You

The forthcoming EP will have 7 songs that will show TRAEDONYA!’s versatility as a vocalist and songwriter. The EP shall showcase 6 producers including the venerable Large Professor. So look out for the first single in the coming weeks. For now vibe on the artwork.

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