1.     From Syria to Bangladesh. So much turmoil in the world, isn’t it wiser and safer to be in the protective arm of God?



2.     Half an hour dosage for a lifetime of wisdom. Did you know that listening to the book of Proverbs on audio takes only 29 minutes?


24 Jack Bauer 003

3.     Jack Bauer is back! The TV hit series 24 is coming back in 2014. Fox Network finally discovered, they shouldn’t have rested the hit series. With so much international political events going-on, the scriptwriters and producers won’t be short of ideas. Should they?


4.     A pugilist at 48. When would Bernard Hopkins realise he needs to retire before his body begins to fail him?


5.     His free kicks brought about the “bend it like Beckham” terminology. But with astronomical revenue from endorsements and fashion et al, would any other sports personality be able “brand it like Beckham?”



6.     Isn’t it glaring David Beckham might not dabble into coaching, when he already has his work cut out as a cameo star in Hollywood movies, football federations’ and global brands’ ambassador and probably a football analyst?



7.     President Jonathan declared a state of emergency and suddenly armchair critics begin to give a truckload of opinions rather than strategic advice. Can they be specific on a better course of action?


8.     2011 elections-enough hard lessons learnt by the over 68million young generation. Getting set to vote wisely in 2015?



9.     2015 is just around the corner. But some political parties still think the over 68million young Nigerians are still gullible. Isn’t the handwriting on the wall? Why waste billions trying to convince the already wise 68million movement?


10.                       An apparatchik is fined a meagre 800,000 for embezzling billions of pensioners’ life savings and he elopes while an ordinary man is to spend over 25years behind bars for stealing a governor’s cell phone. Isn’t the law, lawless sometimes?  


11.                       African Presidents seem to see themselves as kings entitled to the throne alone. When would Robert Mugabe step down in Zimbabwe?


12.                       Are songs churned out and being aired on airwaves not synonymous in rhythm, beats and lyrical content? Don’t we need intellectual stimulation in Nigerian songs? For those who spare the time to listen to such hurriedly baked rehashes, aren’t they fed up with blatant mediocrity professed as creativity?


13.                       Education authorities want to scrap pen, pencil and paper examinations in 2015. For what exactly? Computer based examinations? Have they thought of the unbaked students in the hinterlands? Least Nigerians forget, how much is this “innovative concept” going to cost Nigeria?


14.                       Bayern Munchen or Borussia Dortmund? A winner would have to emerge. Who would win the Bavarian Battle holding not in Germany but at the Wembley Stadium in England?



15.                       Why is it that the “wise football elders” who don’t step down at FIFA, CAF, UEFA, CONCACAF, AFA and OCEANIA love only blue blazers?



16.                       Why is it that the heads of some continental football bodies like FIFA and CAF are bald-headed?



17.                       Issa Hayatou is the most powerful man in African football But why does he attend football matches and is always caught on camera, sleeping?


18.                       A BBC reporter was kept waiting for 2 hours for an interview because an African president was caught up. In official work? No. The African president was engrossed with Arsenal FC’s attempt to qualify for the proverbial 4th position. What has Arsene Wenger turned Arsenal FC fans into?


19.                       Arsene Wenger is reported to have sent scouts to watch Lionel Messi and Neymar of Brazil. Is he thinking of bringing them to the Emirates Stadium?  Seriously?


20.                       Don’t the slow-paced preparations for the Brazil World Cup in 2014 remind observers of shoddy preparations in some African countries?


21.                       Formula One drivers are termed the best drivers in the world. But can they compete with some of the commercial and private drivers in Lagos, Cairo and Moscow?


22.                       They came with a BIG BANG! Official timepiece of Ferrari Formula One Team, FIFA, Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munchen, LA Lakers, Miami Heat, Usain Bolt, Diego Maradona, Jet Li. And the timepiece is gaining a reputation in Nigeria. When would the Hublot Team led by Jean-Claude Biver concur to the fact that Nigeria is their next market and that their official store is behind schedule in Nigeria?

Jose Mourinho 1

23.                       No Jose! God is THE ONLY ONE. Jose Mourinho finally ate the humble pie Any lessons learnt Senor Jose?

Biography Arsene Wenger - The Professor

24.                       Roberto Mancini, Andreas Villas-Boas, Roberto Martinez, all have one unique trait. They are consummate dressers. Would you include Arsene Wenger on that exclusive list?


25.                       WestBromich Albion FC had to let go of Twitter FC striker Osaze(who decided to be scoring harsh tackles with his tweets). But what really happened? When did the darling of Nigerian football fans and hero of the Super Eagles become a football baddie?



26.                       A national team defender by the name Taye celebrated his 25thbirthday in London, while his twin celebrated his 33rd birthday in Lagos! Can someone give a concise thesis on this rare case of twins?



27.                       90 percent of languages would be extinct by the turn of the next century. Can you speak your native tongue?



28.                       Some veteran Nigerian comedians have credible track records of their paths to their present successes and they are prudent with their lifestyles. Can you blame them?



29.                       Lets be honest, only a few entertainers (comedians, musicians and on air personalities) can afford to live the affluent lifestyles they portray. How many can afford to maintain a G-wagon and a Range Rover?  And is such money coming from only stand-up comedy and legitimate businesses?



30.                       Ali Baba came out with his hit radio show “ALI BABA SERIOUSLY”. Others suddenly realised, they can try their hands on radio shows. Julius Agwu came out with his book “JOKES APART”. Now AY is about to do likewise. A book to path the ways for upcoming comedians. But how many comedians sit down to really read intellectual books like Ali Baba?



31.                       Rather than jumping on the bandwagon, why can’t several comedians be unique like Ali Baba, Julius Agwu, Basketmouth, Princess Dami or Tatafo?  


32.                       What a Jim Jim appearance. What was Jim Iyke up to when he appeared in white double breasted blazers and white shorts? Trying to revive the What Else and JIM JIM shirt days?



33.                       When Cambridge, Oxford, UCLA, NYU, Harvard, Tufts-Fletcher educated young Nigerians speak with you, they don’t force their American and British accents.  Alas, Nigerian radio airwaves are filled with a majority of On Air Personalities who have conjured up accents never spoken or found to have originated in the West-all because they spent some time doing a crash course, probably in a technical school overseas. Aren’t we witnessing the beginning of an extreme case of the “coconut syndrome amongst a majority of Nigerian OAPs?”


34.                       Isn’t it apparent, a lot of artistes in their music videos or during concerts sell everything other than music?



35.                       Aren’t there too many scantily-clad ladies in Nigerian musical videos?



36.                       Is Nigerian hip-hop about crude commercialisation or consciousness? Verbalised virtues or vocalised vices? Which should be elaborated upon and encouraged?



37.                       Why are a lot of Nigerian artistes’ lyrics about booze, bashes, bad boys and babes, big backsides, busts on big bodies and not about basic and brilliant ideas?



38.                       Aside his powerful uncle and Aunt, kindly search for a well fed man in Kim Jung Un’s cabinet. As anyone observed that in poverty-stricken North Korea, the ever smiling, chubby young lad of a president, Kim Jung Un is the only well-fed and fat man in his malnourished country?



39.                       An African adage goes-When poverty knocks at the door, love flies out of the window. For how much longer can the North Korean political dynasty oppress her malnourished citizens, who are entitled to their human dignity?



40.                       Put on a slim-fitted Savile Row suit with a pocket square to match and you would actually look and feel like James Bond. But how many know that Ian Flemming’s character-James Bond was fashioned after a real life, 7 languages-spoken British spy of the early 20th century (Sidney Reilly-The Ace of Spies) whose exploits were/are more incredulous to believe than nonfiction?



41.                       The commercialisation of copulation is right in people’s home via satellite decoders. Even the kiddies’ cartoons now have slew of adult innuendos. How do parents make sure they monitor what their wards listen to and watch nowadays?



42.                       Celebrity status does give some persons a false sense of immortality and invulnerability. Why else would anyone try to depict Jesus Christ like Kanye has done with the cover of his new album? Do mere celebrities truly see themselves as gods? Do they think they are infallible?



43.                       With Angelina Jolie’s current challenges and perhaps her real emotional state of mind(in private moments), Brad Pitt has no concrete reason to separate from him. How many people can make the bold decision she took and might still take?


44.                       Pictured with Arianne Huffington and some A-list Hollywood celebrities. Omotola’s PR team must be given kudos for doing a brilliant job. A perfect lesson in re-branding Nollywood personalities?



45.                       Video game lovers are yet to test their dexterical skills on all the games on the Sony PlayStation 3 game console and we are told PlayStation 4 is out?



46.                       Not everyone loves or has the luxury to play video games. But even a neutral, can’t but appreciate the brilliant eggheads behind Sony PlayStation’s award winning game series called “God of War.” The neutrals all ask the same rhetoric, is the God of War actually a video game or a movie?



47.                       Everyone seems to be doing it alone in the music industry. If every musician comes out with a record label. Who would sign the aspiring artiste?



48.                       Andrew Carnegie made over $300billion(in today’s evaluation) and he gave out his entire fortune to his Carnegie Foundation. How many billionaires can attempt this feat in Africa?



49.                       No government can solve the proverbial unemployment quagmire. 41million Nigerians are unemployed. Is the solution not entrepreneurship?



50.                       Why is Made in Nigeria fashion so expensive?



51                       Between these 2 silverscreen characters with metaphysical powers, Fadeyi Oloro and Harry Potter, can you picture an epic battle?

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