FAB Entertainment News: Iyanya’s “Kukere” breaks ringback tune record in Africa by 3 million subscribers

Iyanya‘s hit track Kukere has been revealed by Nigeria’s front lining mobile services and download platform, MTECH, to have broken the record for highest ring  tone download, with the number of subscribers totaling 3 million.

The song, which is only a few months old, hit 3 million downloads across Nigeria. It’s a big step for him because no other Nigerian artist’s title has hit even 1 million for a single caller tune.

Playto watch the video for the record breaking song

For this rare accomplishment, Iyanya was presented with a cheque from the company. The figures on the paper weren’t disclosed.

You could tell how elated he was when he announced yesterday on Twitter of his feat; “Another record brkn! Highest download for a single Caller Ringback tune KUKERE 3million subscribers accross naija+ downloads and counting.” Continuing in the spirit of excitement and gratitude to his fans and everyone that made it possible, he further posted, “Mtech in my house to present me a cheque for breaking the record for Downloads on callertunes in Africa. Thank you all #kukere”.

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