Charming Sierra Leonean/British CNN International anchor, Isha Sesay has got big, happy news for you – and it’s not a CNN cover. She will be getting married to her heartthrob in a couple of months.

The beautiful TV presenter was pleasantly surprised by her colleague, Anderson Cooper when he threw her off-guard to send in a congratulatory message on behalf of the AC360 staff. Isha, amidst blushes and flashing off her engagement ring had owned up to the fact of her engagement and that the proposal was made with her family and friends present on Saturday, the 5th of January, 2013.

Isha spent her early years in Sierra Leone but moved to the United Kingdom, studied there and presently resides in the United States where she works with CNN.

The year 2013 has started its pour down of blessings on Isha and we wish the couple all the best as they look forward to their new life together. Feel free to send in your congratulatory messages.

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