justg1 The biggest night of music, ‘The 55th Grammy Awards’ is on the 10th of February. Music super stars and marvelous performers like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, FUN, Miranda Lambert, Ed Sheeran and (my favourite Ocean) Frank Ocean …all will be seen on stage that night displaying their remarkable musical talents.

But one star to look forward to is outstanding pop-star; Justin Timberlake, bringing his sexy back with an amazing come back sound as he takes the stage with a new single from his ‘The 20/20 Experience’ album.justg2


Justin ,who has been a very busy person focusing on acting, partnering with MySpace, his clothing line and several business ventures; is bringing his magic back on music industry’s biggest night in Los Angeles this month.

Timberlake tweeted: “Did you hear yet?! Been itching to get back on the BIG stage. Can’t wait for this one… @thegrammys,”.

This year’s Grammy will once again be hosted by rapper ‘LL Cool J’ and other performers will be announced in the next 8 days.


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