Darey-performing-at-Love-Like-a-Movie-concert-600x399  With the hall going dark and a huge stage screens transforming into moving visuals of clip-art and cubicles along side with fairy tale, mermaids , breath taking aerobics dancers; Darey’s , ‘Love…like a movie’ concert should be the best thing I have last seen since the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. It bids the best concert ever Nigeria has offered. The absolutely amazing concert left the fans and audiences talking all through and after the concert (even if, it started pretty late with a lot of grumbling here and there, it was surely a while to wait not wasted).

dar 3Darey-performing-at-LLAM-concert-13

Darey’s performance was strong and energetic as he busted and rained amazement all over the hall. Performing to his biggest hits like “at all, at all” featuring 9ice; “carry dey go” with Tuface Idibia wonderful stage appearance as the crowd went wild, and other classic romantic love songs sang beautifully like; Boys to Men’s “I’ll make love to you”, which he featured Timi Dakolo and Psquare, “Lady In Red”, with an exclusive outstanding performance, also “Endless love “and Disney’s Aladdin “A whole new world” performed with the beautiful voiceful ‘Waja’.

dar 2dar 4

The choreography was magnificent, the costumes were stunning and catchy; and the dance sequences were in a marvelous and remarkable manner and pattern. Incredibly also can’t forget the throwing of the huge white balloons that rained all over the hall, reminding me of Madagascar 3; when the seal mentioned “balloons to the children of the world…” after seeing the lovely circus theme Darey’s concert displayed for us to enjoy.

dareydar 1dar Kim-Kardashian-at-LLAM-concert

But wait a minute… the story can’t be complete without the personality who made the night worth going for to see not just in reality TV shows, but in REAILTY itself. Kim Kardashian, who only appeared just for forty-five seconds on stage, came at the beginning of the show, wearing a cute mini leather black dress; in her adorable baby bump body, announced to the crowd of how the show was like nothing we have never seen before and we should seat back and enjoy; as the crowd (especially the ladies went wild in sending their admirations shout outs from their seats to kim.k).

dar Kim-Kardashian-Darey-Lagos-February-2013-BellaNaija007

Although people got disappointed that Kim didn’t show up again in between the show, till the end. Darey truly showed his fans that the show was worth coming for and the “Love…like a movie” concert is the standing king of concerts in Nigeria.

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