It’s not often that you get to know the siblings of a celebrity. Most times they try as much as possible to keep personal aspects of their lives private. But there are always a few people who have one or two people in the spotlight and what’s not to love about that.

Producers, singers, actors, makeup artists, TV presenters and so much more, endless is the list of what these people are involved in and how they are taking over the Entertainment industry.


Eku Edewor & Kessiana Edewor-Thorley

9-Nigerian-Celebrity-Siblings-We-Love-FAB-Magazine (3)TV personality Eku Georgina Edewor was for a very long time not forthcoming about the fact that she is a Twin! Quite a lot of people still don’t know that. The two ladies have a lot of similarities in looks but have proven to be different in personalities. Kessiana Edewor-Thorley is a model based in London and admits she can be quite anti-social while Eku is the social butterfly.


Fade Ogunro & Sesan Ogunro

9-Nigerian-Celebrity-Siblings-We-Love-FAB-Magazine (4)Fade Ogunro is a multi-media personality – from being a radio host to being a director and more, she has shown that she is as versatile and musically inclined as her brother Sesan Ogunro the popular music video director.


Jude ‘MI’ Abaga & Jesse ‘Jagz’ Abaga

9-Nigerian-Celebrity-Siblings-We-Love-FAB-Magazine (1)The dynamic music duo have created beautiful and amazing music together in the past years and we love them for that. Whatever album these two churn out always has some sort of collaboration from them both and we can’t get enough of this sibling talent.


Michael ‘Don Jazzy’ Collins Ajereh & Charles ‘D’Prince’ Enebeli

9-Nigerian-Celebrity-Siblings-We-Love-FAB-Magazine (1)Don Jazzy is known for many things in the Nigerian music industry, one of these things is being the one to bring together one of the greatest record labels ever – Mo Hits, later rebranded to Mavin Records. His younger brother and rapper D’Prince has always been under his wings and a part of both labels.


Peter, Paul & Jude Okoye

9-Nigerian-Celebrity-Siblings-We-Love-FAB-Magazine (2)Peter and Paul Okoye you most likely know. The P-Square crew have been giving us hit after hit for over ten years now. Solidly behind them in management and in music production is their elder brother Jude Okoye. Three’s not a crowd when it comes to this family.


Kunle Afolayan & Gabriel Afolayan

9-Nigerian-Celebrity-Siblings-We-Love-FAB-Magazine (6)Kunle Afolayan has been on our radar for decades (Remember that ancient Yoruba movie Saworoide that he was the lead actor?) and we have always loved him. Sneaking into our sight with movie roles and music videos is his younger brother Gabriel Afolayan and our love extends to him also. His latest applause is for a hit song “Kokoro Ife


Dapo ‘D’banj’ Oyebanjo  & Kehinde ‘Kayswitch’ Oyebanjo

9-Nigerian-Celebrity-Siblings-We-Love-FAB-Magazine (5)Many will say that Kayswitch has been under the shadow of his older brother who is making waves both in Nigerian and internationally, but if the new song “Obimo” by the Oyebanjo brothers is anything to go by, they do better when they stick together.


Kemi Adetiba & Remi Adetiba

9-Nigerian-Celebrity-Siblings-We-Love-FAB-Magazine (7)Surely you have head of the creative Adetiba siblings. Kemi, even though she is a law school graduate, has done marvelous things for the Nigerian music industry with her awesome and creative videos. Her brother Remi is a photographer and creative director based in New York City and how well their arts complement each other.


Bolaji Kekere-Ekun & Toyosi Kekere Ekun

9-Nigerian-Celebrity-Siblings-We-Love-FAB-Magazine (8)With this duo we have yet another director- photography duo. Bolaji does directing of videos and documentaries or fashion films while Toyosi is a photographer and artist.


Funke Bucknor-Obruthe & Tosyn Bucknor

9-Nigerian-Celebrity-Siblings-We-Love-FAB-Magazine (9)Wedding and event planner extraordinaire Funke Bucknor-Obruthe’s name is a name we have heard quite a lot thanks to her spectacular event planning skills. While she is keeping it up on that front, her younger sister Tosyn Bucknor is keeping up the media front by being an on-air personality and event host. Notably both sisters studied law.



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