As Nigerian ladies we possess this certain uniqueness that differentiates us from the rest. It doesn’t matter how much we try to hide it, the naija-girl-behaviour commands attention. We have put together a list of five signs that suggests you are a ‘Typical Naija Girl’


1. Naija girls always clean up nice

A typical naija girl never leaves home without looking smashing. She may jump out of bed looking all grumpy and scary but when she is done with all her beauty treats…it screams glam all the way.


2. Naija girls are not afraid to turn up

We never pass any opportunity for a perfect ‘owambe’ event. ‘What is she wearing?’ ‘what are they serving at the party?’ ‘who’s gonna be there’ are all we wanna know to show up at a very lovely weekend party.


3. Naija girls always bring it

While we make sure we are at the most exclusive parties that weekend, we don’t just sit down and pout. A typical naija girl does not act all timid and withdrawn, she always gets her groove on when there is that perfect opportunity.


4. Naija girls are a sister’s sister

There is this sister code all women have not just naija girls. We have this spirit of oneness and sisterhood  but a typical naija girl does not encourage friends who do not pledge their loyalty. Snitchy friends always get this:


(Not in all cases)


5. Naija girls don’t cry

When a silly guy breaks the heart of  a typical naija girl, she doesn’t sit down and cry, begging God to bring back her man, a naija girl takes out all his stuff and moves on nicely.




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